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Dec 21, 2015

Budget Committee Minutes - December 21, 2015



            Budget Committee: Steve Kelley, Diane Cummings, Dann, Ron Bolt, Evan Nelson, Rudy Gelsi, Muffy Copenhaver, Eddy Moore, and George Kirk

            Town: Milt Bratz, Ed Hennessey, Karen Noyes, Andrew Dorsett, Paul Smith, Joe Mercieri, George McNamara, Brian Patnoe, and Ceil Stubbings

            River District Redevelopment Commission: Chairman, John Hennessey

            Media: Darin Wipperman, Courier Editor, Robert Blechl, Caledonia Record, and Kathy Doriski, LATV


  • The minutes of the 10 December (School), 17 December (Town), and 17 December (School) were approved, with one abstention due to absence and one NO vote based on a member remembering that he had a concern but not being able to recall it.
  •  Alternate George Kirk was appointed as a voting member for this meeting.

River District Redevelopment Commission Bond

            John Hennessey made a presentation on the purpose of the proposed $900,000 bond for the River District project. The benefits of the project include: growing the tax base; creating jobs (up to 500, direct and indirect); improving public safety; enhancing downtown pedestrian and bicycle access; improving transportation and utilities infrastructure; enjoying the scenic river and riverfront; and, enhancing tourism. Planning and engineering completed since 2012 includes: a design charrette, a traffic/parking study, a shore land protection act exemption, a permaculture plan, several demonstration projects, and engineering plans by Horizon Engineering.

            To date, $1,870,000 in funding has been achieved through a combination of Town of Littleton taxation ($120K), individual/private contributions, and state/federal grants. The $900K requested in the 2016 bond proposal would be spent on town-owned infrastructure improvements. John pointed out that many past Littleton infrastructure projects have been paid 100% by taxpayers and ratepayers. The River District project, however, plans to leverage the $900K to obtain $6.1M in outside funds. The bond will be contingent on obtaining at least a 1 to 2 ration of town to outside monies. If all this works out, the Town would contribute $1.1M towards a $7.3M project (15%).

Town Updates:

            Andrew Dorsett announced an agreement to extend by one year the existing Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Town and the local SEA union (Police Department). Apparently agreement could not be reached on a new CBA, and even the one year extension is tentative pending union member approval. Andrew added that an agreement for a Payment in Lieu of Taxation between the Town and Littleton Regional Healthcare is up for review. Finally, the Board of Selectmen have not yet voted to accept or reject the revised proposed budget containing numerous changes as presented to the committee on 12/17/2015.

A motion (Evan/Dann) regarding the appropriation in the Town budget for the airport passed by a tally of 5-0 with 2 abstentions. The motion reads:

The Budget Committee recommends that the Board of Selectmen remove the Mt. Washington Regional Airport from the town budget”


A motion (Evan/Dann) to remove the appropriation in the Town proposed budget for paramedic training was defeated by a vote tally of 5-2.

A motion (Ron/Dann) regarding the revised proposed budget passed by a vote tally of 6-1, with Dann expressing his views that the cuts, while appreciated, were not enough. The motion reads:

“The Budget Committee supports the revised proposed budget dated 12/16/2015 with the additional removal of funding for the Mt. Washington Regional Airport.”


Warrant Articles:

            Approximately $2.5M in warrant articles were presented for the committee’s consideration. The River District Redevelopment Commission bond request was the first warrant article discussed by the committee. After a lively discussion of the merits of the project, a 4-4 tie vote was broken by the chairman who voted to support the article. The committee deferred a vote on the CBA article pending a briefing on the terms of the extension.

            The rest of the article-by-article voting is contained in an addendum. Note: one member departed after the vote on Article 29.           

Next Meeting: None scheduled as of now.

Ron Bolt, Secretary