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Jan 13, 2016

Budget Committee Minutes - December 21, 2016



            Budget Committee: Steve Kelley, Dann, Ron Bolt, Rudy Gelsi, Mike Stevens, Carolyn Murro, and George Kirk

            School Board: Ann Wiggett (Chair) and Leslie Robbins

            SAU 84: David Bickford (Superintendent) and Tom Mangels (Business Administrator)

            Town: Andrew Dorsett, Town Manager, and Karen Noyes, Finance Director

            Selectmen: Milt Bratz, Ed Hennessey, and Schuyler Sweet

            Media: Kathi Doriski, LATV, Darin Whipperman, Courier Editor

            Mt Washington Airport: Edward Stevens, Andy Nadeau, James Mason

            Littleton Community Center: George Mitchell and Mary Menzies

Mt Washington Regional Airport:

            Representatives from the MWRA were granted a second chance at requesting BC support for inclusion of financial support in the town budget. Some additional information on the various types and volume of activities at the airport was provided. The MWRA were reminded that the BC was only advisor and that they really needed to make their appeal to the selectmen, which they plan on doing on 14 January. A motion (George/Mike) to support the MWRA in the Town Budget was defeated by a vote count of 2-4.

Town Updates

            Andrew Dorsett reported that while a tentative PILOT arrangement with the Littleton Regional Heatlhcare has been agreed to, it has not been finalize. Karen Noyes provided copies of the final budget.

            A new, 1-year CBA agreement between the Town and the SEA has been agreed upon with an increase of $12,539.38. The increase is in the areas of raises, training, and cell phones. Milt Bratz explained that this was (1) a new contract, not an extension, and (2) this was being done because of changes in the Affordable Care Act anticipated in 2016. Also, this will align both town CBAs which has advantages related to potential changes in health insurance coverage next year. Ed Hennessey suggested the creation of a task force that would look at the broader health care costs for both town and school employees. The below motion (Ron/George) passed by a vote count of 6-0:

                        “The Budget Committee recommends acceptance of the 2016 1-year Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Town and the SEA union.”

            A motion (Ron/George) to conduct a revote on the full-time position at the library, in light of the fact that the original BC vote was based on incorrect information, was defeated by a 2-4 vote count. A motion (Ron/Dann) to conduct a revote on the Community Center warrant article, based on a lack of information available at the time of the original BC vote, passed. Mary Menzies provided information on the purpose of the petitioned warrant article requesting $35K for exterior repairs. The BC voted 4-2 to support this article. A motion (Mike/Dann) to conduct a revote of the article to add one patrol office to the PD passed by a 5-1 vote count. After some discussion, Steve pointed out that this revote request was unlike the others in that the BC had full information at the time of the original vote. Steve requested the revote motion be withdrawn, and Mike agreed. A vote on a petitioned warrant article requesting $15K for the Library’s Building Improvement Fund failed by a vote count of 1-5. The presentation on the purpose was deemed to be vague.

            The BC unanimously decided to treat a new social service agency (Above The Notch Humane Society) petitioned warrant article in the spirit of the other SSA articles, about which the committee bloc voted to not recommend (3-4 vote).

School Updates

Superintendent Bickford reported that the proposed budget has been reduced by $282K or 3.2% increase over last year. This was accomplished by eliminating some planned facility repairs and by drawing down monies from the Building CRF and Equipment CRF. A motion (George/Carolyn) to support the revised budget, with the added proviso of setting a target to return at least $500K to the taxpayers in CY 2017 failed by a vote count of 2-4.

A new 2-year CBA with the Profession Staff includes these main points:

  • A salary increase on 3.3% in year 1 and 2.6% in year 2
  • An allowance of $750 per employee in year 1 and $500 in year 2
  • A new, streamlined evaluation system
  • A high deductible health insurance option, for which the district’s contribution towards premiums will increase from 81% to 85%.

Two warrant articles will appear on the ballot, one requesting $50K be placed in the Building CRF and the other requesting $30K be placed in the Equipment CRF.

The BC did not vote on either the CBA or the two warrant articles.

Next Meeting:  None scheduled.

Ron Bolt, Secretary