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May 12, 2016

Opera House Commission Minutes - May 12, 2016

 Opera House Commission
May 12, 2016
“Tower Room”


Attendance: Dick Alberini, George Mitchell, Dan Stearns, Don Merrill,  Karen Noyes, Sue Pilotte

Secretary Report: Sent via e-mail


Old Business:

  1.  MOU – Molly and Andrew working on it. More to come.
  2. Marketing/promotion – LCC  doing great job. Big improvement. Upstage -800, Ballet – 800 LHS -500.LCc more involved in selling tickets. User guide.
  3. Financial reports – Sue handed out Jan thru April 2015.
  4. Safety and security of the building – Total Security representative met with Andrew and Sue. Work in progress.  Cameras -  Main Street…move it to top of Opera house. Hope it’s the same package. Automatic switches a question. $8100 might be used for security cameras..not slated for this. In works.
  5. Break room – Done---
  6. WiFi capability for building – Working with Secured Networks. Talking w/Andrew. Antennea problem….might have grant situation.
  7. New signs (rest rooms, venue/balcony capacity. George  will have this done. Plastic.
  8. First floor: storage – Chamber working on some of it. Jessica met w/Karen. Karen will check w/ the fire chief to get end date. Andrew -  organ that is in the Historical Society corner. The organ was donated to the Opera House before the renovations.
  9. Volunteers- open and close the building. Sue sent e-mails of upcoming events.  Events through the month of June have been covered.
  10. Updating of the rental forms -  Done
  11. Rental fee schedule -  done
  12. Follow up form from renters: Input – When guide done..included.


New Business:


  1. Fundraising for venue – Andrew working on VT Symphony. Grant searching. Karen said that she wants to try a warrant article next year. Write article. Sue will put on her calendar and notify me. Don thinks that we should try to tag in with Riverwalk. Donations for the opera house. Discussion followed about putting in a donation box. This will be worked on by Sue of the Chamber and George.
  2. Chamber member discount for use of “Tower Room.” N/A
  3. Security Cameras ?
    1. Who pays?
    2. Two cameras?
    3. Police Chief concern
    4. Shades/window treatments for “Tower Room.” Karen Matthews measured  and didn’t get back to George.
    5. Wireless mics. $600 lapel mics to match hand held.
    6. Motion: George  Mitchell to purchase 2 wireless lapel mics (approx $600) and 1 rolling cart for Roy (approx $150)..Second: Dan Stearns…Passed  The money will be taken from the income from the opera house.


Adjourned ;  6:10