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Jul 13, 2016

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes - July 13, 2016

                                  MEETING OF 13 JULY 2016


Attendees:   Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, and John Lofgren


Administrative Matters:


The minutes of the 8 June 2016 meeting were approved.


Energy Audits


            J. Meyers Inc. made a presentation to the Board of Selectmen on 13 June on the results and recommendations of the energy audits at the fire station and Opera House. The briefing was well received, and the Committee was given guidance to proceed to discuss the report with the Fire Chief and Opera House Commissioners. Follow-up sessions will be included as part of the annual energy management visits with department heads. A comprehensive review of the presentation was reported in the Littleton Courier.


Lighting Retrofits


A hitch has occurred causing a delay in the Phase II installations. LighTec Inc. notified the Committee that an extra $3,775 was needed to replace the 84 track heads in the Historical Museum if LED bulbs are to be installed.  The Town Manager is looking to see if funds might be available from the current year budget. If not, one alternative would be to drop the plan to replace T8 fluorescent bulbs with high-performance T8 bulbs. We expect LighTec to clear any changes with the PUC to ensure our rebate status.


Fire Station Heating


            Yeaton Associates are expected to release the RFP by 22 July.


Energy Chapter


            Peter provided comments on the draft update to the Energy Chapter of the Master Plan. Once the changes are made, Ron will arrange for a presentation to the Planning Board.


Energy Management Plan


            Annual energy efficiency meetings will be arranged with the following organizations: Fire Department, Police Department, Transfer Station, Parks & Recreation, Opera House Commission, Library, Senior Center, and Waste Water Treatment Plant.  Additional issues, such as energy audit results, will be added to the agendas of these meetings.


Other Business


  • Littleton Water & Light is researching questions raised by PHI/Solar Garden about the proposal for a solar PV array at the retired landfill. A legal opinion is required with regards to LW&L remaining jurisdictional free of the NH PUC if power is wheeled through their territory. If this is allowed, the interconnection needs to be engineered and costs estimated.


  • The Waste Water Treatment Plant will be participating in the data gathering project implemented by NH Office of Energy and Planning and NH Department of Environmental Services. The project is designed to identify solutions for energy-intensive facilities. Peter recommends that LW&L be encouraged to participate even though they use very little energy in their water system.


  • The Town is advertising a new part-time Building Manager position. Emphasis for this job may focus heavily on the Opera House, but will function off a work order system. The Committee may be able to use this position as a central contract on building efficiency and retrofits.


  • Ron provided input to the Town Manager on job satisfaction with the 2013 installation of the wood pellet system. Froling Energy has applied for permission to work in Massachusetts references were required.


  • At Froling’s request, Ron provided energy consumption data for the fire station and highway garage for this past heating system, caveated with a high degree of uncertainty about pellet demand at the two structures.


  • Ron mentioned hearing about a loan granted to Gilman, VT, for a wood pellet production facility.


Next meeting: Wednesday, 10 August 2016, 9 AM, at the Community Center


Ron Bolt, Secretary