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Jul 14, 2016

Opera House Commission Minutes - July 14, 2016

Littleton Opera House Commission
July 14, 2016
“Tower Room”



R.Alberini, Don, Merrill, Mollie White, D.Stearns, K. Noyes.


Secretary Report:

Sent via e-mail several weeks prior to today’s meeting.


Old Business:

  1. MOU – Karen suggested that a flat monthly fee. This deals with the historical Museum. $100 per month covers heat and water. Suggests we talk w/Andrew.
    1. MOU with LCC – Still working. Historical Society – MOU Sept.1. LCC – by Oct. 1.
    2. Marketing/promotion – Sue Pilotte sent an e-mail, outlining the progress that has been made. See attached message from Sue Pilotte
    3. Financial Report – Quarterly
      1. Karen – Handed out copies of the Town’s Report. She also talked about the job for maintenance manager.
      2. Mollie had a copy of the income and expenditures for the Opera House. It covered January through June 30, 2016. See attached.
      3. Safety/security of the building – Karen has been pricing cameras, monitor, recorder, installation. She knows of an individual who does this type of work and will contact him.. Karen – She and Andrew contacted  KeyCode System w/ Total Security. There is  a card system for this building….not activated.
      4. WiFi accessibility of the Great Hall (main venue)- Done
      5. Signage – See attached mailing from Sue. Mollie met w/Art and walked the building. He will do the signs. She has come up w/a list.
      6. First Floor Storage – Met w/fire chief earlier in the week. Karen said that they are checking into an upgrade of the sprinkler system. More to follow.
      7. Fund Raising – There is a concert taking place on Sunday, July 17 at 7:00 pm of local musicians and composers. Admission is a $10.00 donation. This is to benefit the Opera House. It is sponsored by the Opera House Commission.
      8. Window Treatments for the Tower Room – George received a quote from details. The cost would be $2690.00. Discussion followed. The Town Manager would like to be a part of the selection of fabrics and treatments. We decided to put this aside for a while.

10. Kitchen – After reading the letter that was sent by Sue Pilotte, we decided that the kitchen would be a priority. An event took place and the renters gave valuable input. They really liked the venue, but the main weakness is that it doesn’t have a sink or kitchen area. We feel that the venue would be rented out more often for a variety of meetings, activities, and functions if there was a designated kitchen area. This has been on the Commissioner’s docked for a number of years. Mollie is going to contact the man who worked on her kitchen for an estimate. The Commission did have several estimates from several years ago. These estimates included the stage-right door and were in the $4,000 price range. If the door isn’t included, the price should be lower. A kitchen area would generate income for the venue. A time frame has been set for August estimate and September installation. This has been put on the priority list.

11. Rigging: $10K-$12K. After the kitchen, this is the next “big ticket” item. Discussion followed. It was decided that the Commission would have a warrant article for the 2017 voting that will cover the purchase and installation of the rigging system. The window treatments might be included or added as a separate article. We will revisit this in November for the writing of the warrant. There is already a warrant that was written for 2016 and could be tweaked or totally rewritten. Don Merrill feels that we need a Plan B and thought would be a Petition Warrant Article. Karen would work with us on this matter.


Adjourned – 6:15 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Richard F. Alberini, Recorder