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Sep 26, 2016

Minutes - September 26, 2016

5:00 PM
Present:  Town Manager Andrew Dorsett, Chairman Milton T. Bratz, V. Chairman Schuyler Sweet, Selectman Edward Hennessey, Executive Secretary Ceil Stubbings
Others Present:  Channel 2, Rudy Gelsi
Bratz called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM
Pledge of Allegiance
Bratz announced the Chief was unable to attend tonight so the items listed below will be moved to the next meeting on October 24, 2016.
Chief Paul Smith (Littleton PD) – NH Department of Safety Grant Acceptance
STEP Patrol Grant $6,786.00
Bicycle-Pedestrian Patrol Grant $3,510.00
DWI Patrols Grant $6,961.50
In-Cruiser Video Grant $3,210.00
Traffic Ordinance Modifications 
Town Manager’s Report:
Dorsett said he did not have anything that needed board action tonight.  Dorsett then provided the board with a brief update on what is happening in Town.  The Ken Curran Bridge plaques recognizing Ken’s contributions to the Town arrived this past Saturday.  The granite pillars are on order but have not arrived yet.  The salt shed received its final treatment before the salt delivery.  The School Street project is completed and we are anticipating Hill Street will be completed next month.  There was a sewer issue on Meadow Street that was taken care of by capping it off.  The Bridge Street project is substantially complete.  Our TAP Grant has been sent for review.  Dorsett said he is still exploring health insurance options.  This will be helpful for our union negotiations and the budget.  There were some issues with the Pellet Boiler at the Highway Garage.  There were some fines issued by the state for some rather simple issues.  They have been addressed and the state forgave the fines.  Bratz said that he remembered last summer there was an issue where they were not cleaning it as often as they should have.  Dorsett said that Amos Ball the new Facilities Maintenance Coordinator has taken care of most of the issues.  He has taken care of many issues at other locations that have alleviated us to call in a contractor.  We put the Fire Station boiler out to bid.  
Other Business:  None
Old Business: None
New Business:  None
Public Comments: None
Ed Hennessey asked if the board was meeting on December 26th. Stubbings said no the offices are closed on that day for Christmas.  The board normally meets between December 27 and the 29th in a work session at the Town Office to take care of any year end requirements.  Dorsett said we also have a holiday this month that falls on our regular meeting date.  The board will not meet on October 10th due to the holiday but will call a meeting if something requires action prior to October 24th.  
Board Action:
Approve the Following Minutes:
September 12, 2016
Sweet made the motion to approve the minutes.  Hennessey seconded the motion.  Bratz said that he had the following modifications to the minutes that he read into the record shown below:
(1) on page 3, 2nd paragraph from top, 6th line down: " call him out of order if he went beyond that limit." (I don't think he was beyond three minutes at that point, but if he kept repeating what he was saying he would of been.) (2) on page 4 following Skyler's second motion involving II(d) "...general community. Before entering into non-public session, Mr. Gelsi was called to the front where the selectmen were sitting and provided with a copy of the Agenda Policy which outlines time limits and topic expectations under "Public Comments".  Gelsi took the handout and left the meeting room taking the document with him. 
Bratz asked to approve the minutes as modified.  Sweet yes.  Hennessey yes.  The amended minutes were approved with a vote of 3-0.
Bratz asked Rudy if he wanted a copy of the Town Manager’s report.  Gelsi said no thank you.  Hennessey pointed out the document contains nonpublic information that should not be given.  Bratz told Gelsi that he could have a copy of the document once the nonpublic information had been redacted. Gelsi said he still did not want a copy because he was not going to abide by your laws.  He abides by the laws they gave him down in Concord.   
Bratz said they were going into nonpublic under RSA 91-A:3, II (a)  
X RSA 91-A:3, II (a)  The dismissal, promotion, or compensation of any public employee or the disciplining of such employee, or the investigation of any charges against him or her, unless the employee affected (1) has a right to a public meeting, and (2) requests that the meeting be open, in which case the request shall be granted.
Hennessey made the motion.  Sweet seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0 after a unanimous roll call vote.  Bratz said they would take a couple of minutes for a break to allow time for the public that was present to leave.  The board entered the nonpublic session at 5:17 PM.  The board came out of the nonpublic session at 5:48 PM.  Sweet made the motion to seal the minutes.  Hennessey seconded.  The motion passed with a unanimous roll call vote.   Hennessey made the motion to adjourn.  Sweet seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.  The meeting adjourned at 5:49 PM.