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Sep 20, 2016

Approved Planning Board Minutes September 20, 2016






6:30 P.M.



PRESENT: Vice Chair Linda MacNeil, Val Poulsen, Milton Bratz, Mary Menzies, and Joanna Ray (recording secretary)  


EXCUSED: Bruce Ralstonand Jim Daly


ABSENT:  Tony J. Ilacqua and Colin Trahan


OTHERS: Jere Eames, Peter Cooper, and Ron Wareing


At 6:30, Vice Chair MacNeil called the meeting to order.  Mary Menzies was designated a voting member for this meeting.


Review minutes:

August 16, 2016 Milton made a motion to approve the minutes as written.  Mary second the motion.  The motion passed by all.


Public Hearing – Adoption of amended Energy chapter of the Littleton Master Plan.

There have been no changes since the last Planning Board discussion.  Peter Cooper was present in case there were questions regarding the Energy chapter.  Mary made a motion to accept the amended chapter of the Master Plan.  Val second the motion.  The motion passed by all.


Vice Chair MacNeil stated the Board received another anonymous letter regarding Steve Kelley’s property on Union Street.  MacNeil stated she would not read the letter as requested.  In past practice, she has not read letters that are not signed.  The letter was officially mentioned during this meeting.  The Planning Board does not have any part in the hearing for this property.  The Zoning Board is addressing the Special Exception request and the Selectboard addresses potential junkyards.


Hurry OM, LLC – Owner / Horizons Engineering – Agent – PB16-07 – Request for a 2-lot subdivision at 335 Cottage St, tax map 93-41, in the C-I zone.


The application was signed, the hearing fees were paid, the abutters were notified, and the hearing was posted in the newspaper.  The case folder included a Special Exception approval for a non-conforming lot size.  Vice Chair MacNeil accepted the case as complete.


Ron Wareing, from Horizons Engineering, presented the application.  The Special Exception approval was to allow the depth of the new lot to be less than the required 250 feet.  The frontage is Cottage Street and not the ROW.  The land is being subdivided for future development.  There is no one interested in the lot at this time.  It will be easier to market if the subdivision is already done.  The utility easement and ROW are shown on the plan. The existing building will be the required setbacks.  The entrance to the new lot will be off the ROW because the State will not allow another entrance in that area of Cottage Street.


Jere Eames, abutter, inquired about the setbacks for the new lot.  Ron explained that the 25 foot side setback would be at the edge of the ROW, but he is not sure if a future developer would build that close.  Vice Chair MacNeil stated the Board can only look at whether or not the subdivision meets the requirements and not at potential future development.  Val asked if this request would be proper.  Milton stated the State might consider a traffic light in that area with future development.  Mary stated that she was not happy about the overlap of the ROW and the setback, but if it is a legal lot, there is no other choice than to approve the request. Jere stated he does not think anything will be built that close, but it is possible.


The public input portion was closed.  Milton made a motion to approve Hurry OM, LLC – Owner / Horizons Engineering – Agent – PB16-07 – Request for a 2-lot subdivision at 335 Cottage St, tax map 93-41, in the C-I zone with the condition that the applicant complies with all Federal, State, and Local regulations.  Mary second the motion. The motion passed by all.


The next Board meeting will be October 18, 2016 at 6:30. 


At 7:00, Val made a motion to adjourn.  Mary second the motion.  The motion passed by all.


Submitted by,

Joanna Ray