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Oct 18, 2016

Budget Committee Minutes - October 18, 2016

Littleton Budget Committee                                                      October 18, 2016
Littleton Community House
Heald Room


Attending:  Budget Committee Members:  Steve Kelley, Muffy Copenhaver,  George Kirk, Carolyn Murro, Mike Stevens, Eddy Moore, Diane Cummings


Town Officials : Town Manager Andrew Dorsett, Finance Director Karen Noyes,  Police Chief Paul Smith and Selectman Schuyler Sweet


Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce (LACC):  Jessica Bunker, Director Molly White, Carrie Gendreau, Dave Ernsberger (BC member, George Kirk also a member of LACC)


Opera House Commission and Historical Society:  Dick Alberini


Public:  Rudy Gelsi and Robert Blechl (Caledonian Record)


Handouts:  2016 Updates Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce  (Molly White)

        Determining the Soul (and Future) of the North Country, article from NH     

                       Magazine (Molly White)

                       1947 w/a #8 (Diane Cummings)

                       Notes for Budget Committee & Selectman (Karen Noyes)


Meeting called to order at 4:05 by Chairman Steve Kelley. 


Dick Alberini presented an overview of the Opera House building needs.  The rigging for the stage curtains is not up to code as determined by Fire Chief Mercieri,  Life-Safety Code Inspector for Littleton.   The Opera House Commissioners are presently seeking a qualified company to bring rigging up to code.  The estimated cost is $15,000.  The Commissioners have pursued funding through grants and local donations.   So far, only $1,000 has been raised. The Budget Committee asked the Commissioners to also seek bids from local qualified companies.  Dick reported additional upgrades were being made to the kitchen, mainly adding electrical outlets.  Asked if other upgrades were needed to enhance the Opera House as a venue, Dick responded “not at this time.”


Littleton Chamber of Commerce – Director Mollie White presented 2016 updates on the downtown beautification efforts, detail of town sponsored events, and the Chamber’s  pursuit of grant collaborations.    Mollie detailed the many facets, responsibilities and related expenses connected to the Chamber’s management of the Opera House.  Discussion followed on specific Chamber expenses that may be funded through the town budget (flowers), possible expansion of the marketing area and creating a related marketing budget. 


2017 Proposed Budget – Andrew and Karen updated the Budget Committee on pending changes to the 2017 Town Manager Proposed Budget.  Other notes included final awarding of bids on fuel oil, propane and pellets.  Karen also provided follow up detail to a question about employee and employer contributions to the New Hampshire Retirement System.


Copies of warrant article #8 on the 1947 ballot, establishing the Littleton Parking Meter Fund, were distributed.  Future budget discussions will require knowledge of the warrant article. 


Minutes for the September 15, 2016 meeting were approved as amended.


Meeting adjourned at 6:00.


Respectfully Submitted,


Diane Cummings