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Nov 9, 2016

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes - November 9, 2016

                                  MEETING 9 NOVEMBER 2016

Attendees:   Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, John Lofgren, Bob O’Connor, and Bill Gendreau



Administrative Matters: The minutes of the October meeting were approved.



Fire Station Heating


             Work on the heating system improvements is well underway, including two additional modine heaters, a new hot water tank, and replacing the oil-based supplemental system with a propane boiler. The decaying underground oil tank was removed, with no leakage detected, and the remaining unused oil delivered for use at the Transfer Station.


            Peter will draft a request to the Town to establish a procedure for reading the BTU meters at the fire station and DPW garage. One purpose is to determine the heat demand at the two buildings so that the total wood pellet bill can be equitably shared between the departments. Another purpose is to monitor the performance of the pellet boilers.  


Appointment with the Board of Selectmen


            On 24 October, committee members met with the Board of Selectmen primarily to discuss our 2016 observations and recommendations. Peter and Bill suggested a warrant article to insulate the Opera House, with about a 5 year payback. The Board was supportive of this initiative.  Peter also mentioned the conclusion of the lighting retrofit and the EE reference list to be posted on the Town website. Ron thanked the voters for supporting past warrant articles that have significantly improved the efficiency of several municipal buildings. We await follow-up questions on the overall presentation from Chairman Milt Bratz.


            Bill went over the contents of his draft warrant article for the Opera House, including a cost breakdown. Ron raised a concern about the viability of any warrant articles in 2017 due to the large tax rate increase this year. Ron and Bill will work with J. Myers to verify the projected savings. Ron will work with the Town to get the draft warrant article before the Budget Committee as soon as possible. Bill will coordinate the warrant article with the Opera House Commission and Amos Bell.




  • Ron stated that he is now helping David Van Houten distribute copies of the Green Energy Times throughout Littleton.
  • Bob said he would take a look at the stained glass windows at the Opera House to see if there might be a non-intrusive remedy to the air gaps around the windows.
  • Peter and Ron attending a workshop put on by The Tillotson Fund, the objective of which is to make more education, comprehensive decisions about awards. They are interested in determining leak links in economic development chains where funding might make a big difference. The session focused on the “small animal protein” and “energy efficiency”. Ron provided some ideas to the Tillotson folks after the workshop.
  • Al Smith has indicated that there are two LHS students that might be interested in an internship with the ECC. We await further information.
  • Peter, Ron, and John will attend the LES Annual Conference on 19 November.
  • A good portion of the December meeting will the devoted to reviewing and re-prioritizing the Strategic Plan for 2017.


Next meeting: 14 December 2016, 9 AM, Community Center


Ron Bolt, Secretary