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Dec 14, 2016

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes - December 14, 2016

                                  MEETING 14 DECEMBER 2016


Attendees:   Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, John Lofgren, Bob O’Connor, and Bill Gendreau



Administrative Matters: The minutes of the November meeting were approved.



Fire Station Heating


             Work on the heating system is complete. Peter has established a procedure to reading the BTU meter on a regular basis, which he commenced on 30 November. Unfortunately, a second BTU, for the highway garage, was never authorized and will require a change order.  Peter will contact Town Manager Andrew Dorsett to restate our recommendation for a second BTU meter. BTU meters are important for (1) determining the overall performance of the pellet boiler system, (2) determining the performance at each building, and (3) determining the fair split of the cost of pellets. Informally, Peter heard that the highway garage was using “a lot of propane”, possibly suggesting sub-standard performance.


Opera House Warrant Article


             Several members attended the 13 December meeting of the Budget Committee to make a presentation on a proposed 2017 warrant article to increase the energy efficiency of the Opera House. The Budget Committee seemed receptive to the initiative, but will vote on all warrant articles at a later day. During the presentation, Peter mentioned that this project would be eligible for SB 123 incentives. If obtained, this will lower the payback from the estimated 5 years.


Strategic Planning


            The plan was updated for 2017. Many 2016 items were accomplished and the priorities of some holdover items were changed. In general, more emphasis will be placed on Education/Encouragement and working with the school district. One immediate potential is looking into SB 123 incentives for replacing the lights at the Littleton High School gym. The Saving Money category will focus on following through on the energy audit recommendations for the Opera House (insulation, air sealing, stained glass windows, etc.). One new item under Planning/Policy is to explore wind power opportunities.


Next meeting: 11 January 2017, 9 AM, Community Center


Ron Bolt, Secretary