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Sep 7, 2016

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes - September 7, 2016

                                  MEETING OF 7 SEPTEMBER 2016


Attendees:   Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, John Lofgren, Bob O’Connor; and Town Building Manager, Amos Ball


Administrative Matters: The minutes of the July and August meetings were approved.


 Meeting with Town Manager


            Peter, Ron, and John met with Town Manager Andrew Dorsett and Amos Ball on 8/24 and discussed the following topics:


  • Energy Management Plan – draft observations and recommendations.
  • Lighting Retrofits – exteriors lights at police station installed; installation at the Opera House scheduled for early September.
  • Energy Audits – look positive for Opera House but not for the fire station; Commissioners agreeable with a 2017 warrant article for two insulation projects, but a problem exists with any irreversible interior wall treatment due to the existing 50-year historic easement.
  • Energy Chapter – was presented to the Planning Board in August and scheduled for a public hearing on 20 September.
  • Solar PV at the landfill – Awaiting feedback from Littleton Water & Light.
  • Conference fees – to attend the annual Local Energy Solutions Conference.


Lighting Retrofit      


            Installations at the Opera House commenced on 6 September with the replacement of 84 track lights with LED bulbs in the Museum. The Curator expressed high satisfaction with the results. Due to a cost overrun, a decision was made to not replace certain fluorescent light with higher performance fluorescents. This resulted in the ability to add a few new items. All three ‘Welcome to Littleton’ road signs lights will be replaced and one motion sensors will be added to the police station. Peter will check with Ryan Glass to see if he has one or two high priority parks or fields lights that need replacing. Peter also asked Lightec Inc. to investigate a fix to the improperly function photo cells lights on the covered bridge (a 2015 hold over).


Fire Station Heating


            Peter, Ron, and Bob met with Fire Chief Joe Mercieri on 9/6 to discuss the bids offered to the RFP related to fixing the internal heating system at the station. Daniel Hebert’s offer was significantly lower than the other two, primarily based on his estimated cost for a new, propane boiler. Yeaton Associates need to review all the bids to ensure the meet RFP specifications, and to verify if the bids include one or two BTU meters.  Assuming they do, we agreed to try to get all of the fixes accomplished this year, obviating the need to go back to Town Meeting with another funding request in 2017. Approximately $47K is needed for all aspects of the heating system and removing the underground oil tanks. About $20K is already committed to these projects, and Joe’s estimates that he might be able to come up with the balance from his 2016 budget lines.


            We agreed that the ECC would contact the Town Manager with a recommendation to complete all phases in the RFP before the upcoming heating season. Ron will draft an email to this effect.


Energy Management Plan


            Some modifications were made to the list of observations and recommendations. Ron will clean up the draft and forward it to the Town Manager and Board of Selectmen, and request an appointment with the Board on 24 October. At that meeting, we will discuss any items that we think should be included in the 2017 budget or warrant.


            Ron will compile the 2nd Annual Energy Management Report and have a draft ready before the next ECC meeting.




  • Ron presented the revised Energy Chapter to the Master Plan to the Planning Board in August. They approved the document with the proviso that a public hearing must be held, which is scheduled for 20 September. Ron provided feedback on the question posed by the Planning Board.
  • Bob volunteered to take action on a recommendation from the Planning Board to compile an energy efficiency one-stop shopping list of references for residents and business owners. This list will aid the novice on where to go to find information about energy tips, funding opportunities, etc.
  • Peter will begin to work on enhancing the Chamber of Commerce Opera House User Check List by including energy conservation items.
  • An article written by a LHS study, accompanied by a photo provided by Bod, on the subject of recycling at Alburritos Restaurant was on the front page of today’s Littleton Courier.
  • Littleton Water & Light is not comfortable with the 2nd proposal from Solar Garden/PHI for a solar PV installation at the retired landfill. They are suggesting we investigate other PPA’s with other vendors it hopes of obtaining solar PV at a more affordable rate.
  • Ed King contacted the ECC about how to proceed with the installation of electric vehicle charging stations at the Food CO-OP, now planned for the spring. We suggested contact Tesla, who might provide the station at no cost, and the Department of Environment Services for technical specifications. This subject was also going to be addressed by the Ammonoosuc Regional Energy Team.


Next meeting: 12 October 2016, 9 AM, Community Center

Ron Bolt, Secretary