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2007 Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Board of Selectmen

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Approved Minutes Oct 17, 2007

OCTOBER 17, 2007

Present: Chairman Burton Ingerson, Vice Chairman Eddy Moore, Secretary Brien Ward, Chad Stearns Administrative Assistant, Interim Co-Town Manager Carol Cullen, Ceil Stubbings Executive Assistant

Chairman Burton Ingerson called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM

Citizen Concerns:
Sharon Craigie had a few questions regarding the Redington Street Bridge. She advised Selectman Ward that a recent newspaper article referred to statements he made which were not clear. Selectman Brien Ward explained the work on the bridge would begin in 2009. The cost is yet to be determined due to design concepts. Sharon Craigie asked if the Industrial Park ends up on that road would the bridge be able to handle the traffic from the heavy trucks. Selectman Brien Ward said the bridge is not being downsized. It will be a completely new bridge. Selectman Ward further stated that it would be nice if people had all the facts when it comes time to vote.

Linda Massimilla asked Chairman Burton Ingerson about the rumor of purchasing the Kittridge property. Selectman Brien Ward advised Linda that a market analysis was done when the school was looking at possibly purchasing the property. Selectman Ward said the asking price for the property is $350,000. Linda then directed her question to Chairman Burton Ingerson. She asked why did the Town need the property. Chairman Ingerson stated he did not have an answer to her question.

Chairman Brien Ward stated the property would be a good location for the Police Department. The Town Garage abuts right against the property. From Selectman Ward's perspective it should be something the Town acquires. With the amount of acreage that could be used by the Town it would be a waste to let it go at that price. Linda Massimilla responded by stating the Police Department could be built without it. Selectman Ward said that is subject to opinion. Linda Massimilla stated the property is a junkyard. Selectman Brien Ward stated that is just conjecture. Chairman Burton Ingerson stated that he had walked the property and there are some junk vehicles on the property but not much. Chairman Ingerson further stated that Horizon Engineering decided there was a 12% upgrade on the property.

Sharon Craigie had a question concerning the Town Garage. Sharon had heard it might be moved to the Transfer Station. Chairman Ingerson said there are no plans to move the Town Garage at this time. It has been suggested a couple of times. Administrative Assistant to the Board, Chad Stearns said it has been thrown about in discussions but there are no substantial plans for such a move.

George Winn stated that he did not know what condition the Kittredge Property was but he would to love to buy the Eames property. George asked why the Town does not sell the Eaton property. Selectman Eddy Moore agreed with George. The school was supposed to use the sixty acres but they are still undecided.

Juanita Gilpin asked the Board what was happening with the current lease for the Police Department. Chairman Burton Ingerson said that he has received a letter from Andy Smith regarding the current lease. Chairman Ingerson read the four options offered in the letter. The first option is for one year at $14.00 per square foot. The second option is for two years at $13.00 per square foot. The third option is for three years at $11.50 per square foot and the fourth option is to get out. Chairman Ingerson stated that if the Town goes with the two-year option and they move out in that period they have to pay 50% of the rent. Tom Loughlin asked what the total rent was per year. Selectman Brien Ward said he believes it is around $128,000 per year but with the tax added it is approximately $138,000.

Sharon Criagie asked Chairman Ingerson how things were going with negotiations on the lease. Chairman Ingerson said they were not going very well. Chairman Ingerson stated that he has been talking to Profido's about another property. Sharon Craigie asked Chairman Ingerson what it would cost to move the Police Department again. Sharon said it cost the Town $50,000 to move them the last time. Selectman Brien Ward stated that it did not cost the Town $50,000 to move them the cost was for renovations. Chief Paul Smith stated that they hired a moving company but the Department did most of the moving themselves and the cost was $72,000. Linda Massimilla stated it would cost as much to renovate the new site. Chairman Ingerson said he did not think it would cost that much. There are seventeen parking spaces in front of the location. Chairman Ingerson said the space is roughly 7,000 square feet. One citizen commented that the Police Department's current space is 9,000 square feet. Chairman Ingerson went on to state the rent for this property was $65,000 per year with all utilities included.

Citizens raised their concerns over the possibility of moving the Police Department again. Vice Chairman Eddy Moore said having an alternative site for the Police Department helps to negotiate. Another citizen asked about the $97,000 of unexpected revenue and if those funds could be used towards the Police Departments current rent. Selectman Brien Ward stated that the funds could not be used for that purpose.

Another citizen asked the Board how the Town's budget was. Selectman Brien Ward stated that he feels the budget is in good shape. Chairman Burt Ingerson stated that they have not overspent the budget as a whole.


Richard Massimilla the Chairman of the Littleton Police Facility Study Committee advised those present that a Warrant Article will be presented to the Town in 2008. Richard read the Committees mission statement to the public. He then asked for the Board to support the Committees efforts in planning the New Police Department at the West Main Street site. Richard went on to say they wanted this support for two reasons. One is that it will show the Town that we are united. Secondly it would be a waste of the Committees time and planning without knowing where the building is to be placed. Richard asked for a unanimous vote. Vice Chairman Eddy Moore said that he was not opposed to supporting Richard's request. Richard said that all of the members in the construction field feel this is a perfect location.

Selectman Brien Ward asked Richard if he was asking for a vote from the Board stating that the Police Department would be built on the West Main Street site. Richard confirmed this is what the Committee is asking for. Selectman Ward asked if they were to vote that way would they include the Kittredge property. Selectman Ward said he wouldn't feel comfortable excluding the Kittredge property. Richard said the voters did not know that the Kittredge property was part of the equation. Richard stated that a member of the Committee had walked the property but he refrained from saying what comments were made regarding the property. The public expected the Police Department to be at the West Main Street location. Selectman Brien Ward stated the Board would not consider it without the Kittredge property. He has concerns abut too much activity on too small a site. Chairman Burt Ingerson requested to move on. Vice Chairman Eddy Moore placed the motion to support the new Police Facility be built at the West Main Street location. Selectman Brien Ward seconded the motion, the motion passed unanimously.

Art Tighe of the Main Street Reconstruction Committee provided a presentation of the work that could be done with the funds they currently have available. The funds have been sitting there for a long time and if they don't do something there is a good possibility the Town will lose those funds. Art presented a map and diagram to the public of what could be done with the current funding. He explained that in order to do the complete project the Town would have to come up with additional funding. Art estimates the cost of the second half of the project would be around $1.2 million. This then led into a discussion regarding current bonds and their mature dates.

Town Manager's Report:

Administrative Assistant to the Board of Selectmen Chad Stearns reported that the Highway Department has hired two new employees. Mike Collins and Ronnie Verrett who are both experienced in construction and both hold their CDL licenses. Sidewalk construction is underway on Pleasant Street and hopefully will be done by the end of October.

Chad Stearns updated the community that Jim Pineo was awarded the Northern New Hampshire Medical Services Educator Award for his contributions to Education and Emergency Medical Services in the State of New Hampshire. The Northern New Hampshire Emergency Medical Services Council presents the award. A Ceremony will be held at the Grand Summit Hotel & Conference Center Ballroom in Bartlett on October 20, 2007 at 6:30 PM.

Chad then provided an update on the Redington Street Bridge. He advised the public that he has met with the NHDOT along with Chairman Ingerson and Joe Wiggett. They need to sign a notice to proceed and from then on the Town can be reimbursed 80%. The Town still needs to send out RFQ, choose an engineer, sign Scope and pay the fees. Once they have the plans and hold the public hearings they need to come up with a bid price. The next step is to go to Town Meeting for a bond. If passed send it out to bid and start construction.

Chad advised the public the Town had received a letter from the Caledonian Record regarding committee members and a non-public meeting. The Town conferred with their attorney and they were advised it was appropriate to hold the non-public meeting.

Chad reported that committees are held to the same standards as the Town. Emails are considered public knowledge. The Town has consulted an attorney and emails are considered public record. If you email asking about the game it is not public record but if you mention something about the Town then it is public record. Selectman Brien Ward suggested Chad send a letter to the committees so they understand.

Old Business:

Chad Stearns advised the Board that he would like their approval to spend money on the Curran Footbridge project. The bridge needs to be surveyed. Selectman Brien Ward placed the motion to allow the management team to do what is necessary for the survey. Vice Chairman Eddy Moore refrained from the vote due to being a part of when this was set up. Motion passed 2-0.

Carol Cullen then advised those present that the Tax Oversight Committee had met many Thursday afternoons reviewing assessment cards and reviewed the commercial properties. We were able to pick up eight million dollars after the committee's review.
Carol said she would like to see this committee continue. Littleton has nine neighborhoods and the appraisals are only about 75% right. Selectman Brien Ward explained that what the committee does is an evolving process and should continue to get the tax base correct. Selectman Brien Ward placed the motion for the Committee to continue, Vice Chairman Eddy Moore seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

New Business:
Chairman Burt Ingerson announced that the Police Study Committee needs one more new member. Selectman Brien Ward placed the motion to appoint Ron Bolt to the Committee. Vice Chairman Eddy Moore seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Chairman Ingerson stated the Opera House Committee also has a vacant seat. Vice Chairman Eddy Moore placed the motion to appoint Linda MacNeil to the Committee. Selectman Brien Ward seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Chairman Ingerson said the Littleton Board of Trustees has requested the Board of Selectmen appoint Ms. Ellen Manley to the Board. Selectman Brien Ward placed the motion to accept Ellen Manley to the Board. Vice Chairman Eddy Moore seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

A brief discussion regarding the proposed jail for Grafton County ensued and the effects it will have on the tax rate.

Administrative Assistant to the Board Chad Stearns advised the Board that the Opera House Mission Statement has been revised. The statement needs to be signed by the Board of Selectmen. Chad advised the Board that the mission statement has taken out the reference to the Police Department having occupancy and incorporated the Main Street.
Approval of Minutes:

Selectman Brien Ward placed the motion to accept the minutes from the Board of Selectmen's meeting on October 3, 2007 and the Work Session dated October 11, 2007. Vice Chairman Eddy Moore seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Chairman Ingerson called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Selectman Brien Ward placed the motion to adjourn the meeting. Vice Chairman Eddy Moore seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned 8:17 PM

Respectfully submitted

Ceil Stubbings
Executive Assistant
Chairman Burton Ingerson

Vice Chairman Eddy Moore

Secretary Brien Ward

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