Apr 13, 2016

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes Apr 13, 2016


Attendees: Mary Boulanger, Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, Bill Gendreau, John Lofgren, and David Van Houten

Administrative Matters:

The minutes of the 9 March 2016 meeting were approved.

John Lofgren was appointed to the ECC for a period of one year by the Board of Selectmen on 11 April. Arwen Mitton has resigned and Dann has moved out of town, leaving the committee with six members, one vacancy, and two alternates. There was a discussion about how to fill the one vacancy with interest shown in tying into big energy consuming organizations, such as the Coin Company or the industrial park.

John volunteered as the ECC representative to the Ammonoosuc Regional Energy Team.
An article thanking the voters for their support of two warrant articles was published in the Courier on 16 March.

Lighting Retrofits
  • Phase I – Peter reported that the photocell on the footbridge appears to be working properly and that Lightec Inc. replaced the malfunctioning sensor and power pack at the Senior Center.
  • Phase II – Peter indicated that the Town is close to signing the contract with Lightec Inc. for the work at the Opera House and Police Station (exterior only).

Energy Audits

Bill arranged for the energy audits of the Opera House and Fire Station in late March. Both IR and blower door techniques were used. Two years of energy consumption and costs at both facilities were provided to J. Myers Builders Inc. Peter will provide J. Myers with the Opera House lighting retrofit information. Bill expects a report within a month, after which he will arrange a briefing for the Town Manager and/or Board of Selectmen.

Fire Station Heating

Peter reported that the Town has received a proposal from Yeaton Associates to assist in soliciting and attaining competitive bids for the fire station heating plant upgrade drawings and specifications. Yeaton will also provide construction administration services on a time and expense basis, not to exceed a fee of $5,250.

This proposal stemmed from a 21 March meeting involving Yeaton, the Fire Chief, and the ECC. The design features include:

  • Fixing the existing heating system, providing a new propane fueled back-up system, and a new hot water (domestic) heater
  • Two additional modine heaters, and checking the operation of the existing modines to include cleaning and maintenance
  • Dismantling the existing oil system
  • BTU meters for both the fire station and DPW garage

Currently $20K is available for this project, $5K encumbered from the 2015 budget and $15K approved for a capital reserve fund. It is unknown at this time what the total cost will be for the overall project, but it will likely require an additional authorization in 2017. Peter will author a note to the Town about possible piece-meal implementation so that some fixes can be in place before the 2016-17 heating season.

Bill raised a question about the efficacy of retrofitting the current oil boiler to gas vs. replacing the boiler.

Peter also provided Froling Energy with an updated summary of the wood pellet system operations, per their request.

School Board/District

Mary arranged for an interview of the owner of Alburrito’s Restaurant by a Littleton High School student for a newspaper article on their trash and food recycling program. Mary will check with the school on the status of this item.

Ammonoosuc Regional Energy Team

David indicated that the Solarize Ammonoosuc project might be extended a bit beyond the 1 May deadline. So far, the contractor has made about 100 site visits with about 15 property owners committing to the project. David mentioned that the recent resolution of the net metering cap could stimulate some additional interest in solar.

David is considering a regional roundtable in the fall that would focus on concerns and projects common to local energy committees and conservation commissions.

Finally, he suggested some preliminary thinking about some larger scale projects that might be eligible for Northern Borders funding.

Other Business