Mar 15, 2016

River District Minutes Mar 15, 2016

River District Redevelopment Commission
Tuesday March 15, 2016


Commission Attendees: John Hennessey, Jim Mcmahon, Chad Stearns, Brody Tuite, Mary Boulanger, Alycia Vosinek, Ray Cloutier, Andrew Dorsett, Mollie White, Ron Bolt (Energy Commission Liaison)

1. 2016 Bond Warrant Article Results 10 Minutes

  • Overall project funding summary

John reviewed voting results from last year and this year, in particular $900k bond passed with 69% vote.

2. Grant Applications 2016 20 Minutes

  • EDA (March/April)
  • US DOT TIGER (April)
  • Transp. Alternatives (Fall)

John reviewed plan to submit upcoming grants and money being applied for . EDA for $1 million with NCIC coordinating, TIGER grant for $2.5 million with North Country Council coordinating, and $640k from Transportation Alternatives with TBD coordinating, possibly NCIC who applied last year on behalf of the Town.

Mollie White, Director of Littleton Area Chamber , provided an update on an additional grant applied for by the Chamber. A Arts Alliance grant for $460k for work on the Mill Street Corridor for a variety of spacemaking improvements in a private/public partnership. Will know in the fall if grant is awarded, funds would be received January 2017.

3. Bridge Project Update 10 Minutes
Request for Proposal coordinated by HEB Engineers, bids to be received shortly and then Town will contract with the lowest qualified bidder.

4. Rails to Trails 5 Minutes
Chad updated that hopeful to have rail pulled this year, awaiting final approval from federal government to then go back to the state to authorize and start pulling tracks.

5. Riverwalk Plan 5 Minutes

  • Follow-up meeting with property owners

John updated that a group met with the Will/Lavoie property owners and residents including Herbert and Christine Will and Louie Lavoie. Town representatives included Town Manager, Head of Public Works, John, and Dave Ernsberger. Property owners suggested extending riverwalk onto rail trail approximately at suspension bridge (across South Street) and then leave rail trail and come down the hill at Deer Court to meet up with soon to be constructed pedestrian bridge at Bridge St. Town reps subsequently met and agreed this plan should be pursued instead of cutting a new trail along the immediate edge of the river as it would cost less and be favorable to property owners. Chad made a motion for the Commission to pursue this plan. Dave seconded. All voted in favor (Jim McMahon abstained).

All agreed that the April meeting would be skipped and the next meeting would be Thursday May 5th at 4:30PM as would usually occur.

The next meeting will be Thursday April 7th at 4:30PM at the Tannery Marketplace.