Mar 9, 2016

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes Mar 9, 2016


Attendees: Mary Boulanger, Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, Dann, Rodney Edwards, and Greg Cook

Administrative Matters:

The minutes of the 10 February 2016 meeting were approved.

We will advertise for additional members via the Town website. Bill Latulip and Rodney Edwards will continue as inactive members. Mary, Peter, and Rodney will be recommended for reappointment.

2016 Warrant Articles

  • Lighting Retrofit Phase II: This article passed at Town Meeting by a vote tally of 931-389. Ron has already contacted Lightec and PUC representative Steve Elliott to get the ball rolling on the contract and rebate, respectively.
  • Tax Exemptions: This article failed at Town Meeting by a vote tally of 496-815.
  • Energy Audits: This article passed at Town Meeting by a vote tally of 684-645. Bill Gendreau will contact J. Myers and ask for a contract proposal for audits at the Opera House and fire station - not to exceed $2,500.
  • Another warrant article of interest, the creation of a Capital Reserve Fund for the heating system and oil tank mitigation at the fire station, passed at Town Meeting by a vote tally of 870-470.

School Board/District Items

Greg reported that all of the school board warrant articles passed, and that quite a bit of maintenance is scheduled for this year. One of the projects will be the demolition of the old SAU “white” building, that will be turned into a school parking lot. The bad news is that he has heard that all state building aid has been removed from the current fiscal year.

Ron mentioned that LHS will not be identifying a possible ECC intern until at least the fall semester. In the meantime, however, the English Department has found a student interested in writing a newspaper article on food recycling at a local restaurant. Ron will coordinate this effort with the Courier and the restaurant owner.

Other Business

  • Ron will contact the Town Manager to set up a meeting of all interested parties regarding the functioning of the wood pellet system and Yeaton Associates’ design for a back-up heating system at the fire department. In the meantime, Peter will reply to Froling Energy’s inquiry about how the system worked this winter. A separate meeting will be requested for a number of energy-related topics.
  • The Town Manager has been working with Littleton Water & Light regarding the possibility of sharing the cost of a complete conversion to LED streetlights. The estimated payback is 9.3 years and the project would not be eligible for any PUC rebates.
  • The Franconia Energy Commission had a tour of the new Littleton highway garage, with particular interest in the solar doors.
  • Peter has been birddogging a problem with one of the new sensors at the Senior Center. The problem has been turned over to Lightec for resolution.
  • Peter and Henri Wante will be working on a building energy conservation checklist for the Opera House.

Next meeting: Wednesday, 13 April 2016, 9 AM, at the Community Center

Ron Bolt, Secretary