Feb 10, 2016

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes Feb 10, 2016


Attendees: Mary Boulanger, Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, Bill Gendreau, and Dann

Administrative Matters:

The minutes of the 13 January 2016 meeting were approved.

Mary and Peter indicated their desire to be reappointed to the ECC, and Ron will check on the status of Rodney Edwards.

Mary contacted Representative Linda Massimilla regarding a new legislative action (HB 1374) to restrict this use of the Renewable Energy Fund. Linda attended the 2 February public hearing and reported that many people spoke out against the bill; she does not think it will make it out of committee.

Warrant Articles

  • Lighting Retrofit Phase II: Peter made a motion to amend this article from $12,500 to $14,000 at the Deliberative Session. The amendment, which was approved, will allow for inclusion of the exterior lights at the police station and the usage of a man-lift.
  • Tax Exemptions: Arwen presented this article at the Deliberative Session. Due to the lack of support by the Budget Committee and Board of Selectmen, there was considerable discussion within the Committee about the best approach to pursue. It was decided to leave the article intact and see how the voters respond.
  • Energy Audits: Bill G. presented this article at the Deliberative Session, and there were no questions.

Strategic Plan and Goals for 2016

The revised strategic plan was reviewed for the purposes of assigning action to specific members or teams.


Mary would like to put together an information article on contemporary wood burning technology. Peter suggested contacting the Wood Energy Council for input.

Peter suggested a success story article on the DPW garage. Ron will forward the article submitted last year on this topic.

The Committee decided to not submit any educational/informational letters to the editor regarding these articles before Town Meeting on 8 March.

School Items

The Committee is awaiting further action from the School District on assigning a high school intern, which probably will not happen until next fall.

Heating of the Fire Station

We are still not clear about how the encumbered $5K will be spent at the fire station. Also in the balance is trying to find funding for BTU meters, and the fate of a warrant article to appropriate $15K to establish a Capital Reserve Fund for the Fire Station for the heating system and oil tank mitigation. Peter will continue to bird dog these items with Yeaton Associates, and will enlist the support of Dann and Henri Wante, as well as the Town Manager.

LED Streetlights

Littleton Water & Light have decided on a more aggressive LED streetlight replacement program, specifically 20 new lights in 2016 above normal attrition. Tom Considine put together the details of the plan but Steve Elliott indicated that there was not enough savings to make the purchase eligible for the state rebate. Ron will follow up with Steve on how the eligibility decision was calculated.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Bill G. has been invited to make a presentation on the rebate program to the Chamber of Commerce. Ron will forward the rebate program information to Bill.

Next meeting: Wednesday, 9 March 2016, 9 AM, at the Community Center

Ron Bolt, Secretary