Jan 13, 2016

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes Jan 13, 2016


Attendees: Mary Boulanger, Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, Bill Gendreau, and Greg Cook; David Van Houten, President Ammonoosuc Regional Energy Team; and, Michele Moren-Grey, North Country Council.

Administrative Matters:

The minutes of the 9 December 2015 meeting were approved with one minor change.

2016 Warrant Articles

  • Lighting Retrofit Phase II: Peter has been working with LighTec to refine the project list to insure rebate eligibility. Based on input from Steve Elliott, all suggested retrofits at the police station have been dropped. Based on these changes, the amount of the article was lowered from $15,000 to $12,500. Peter suggested reinstating the article at $15K to provide some flexibility. For instance, we may need a modification to the lighting on the covered bridge accomplished in Phase I. The Budget Committee supports this item (5-2 vote) as do the selectmen (3-0 vote).
  • Tax Exemptions: Signatures have been collected to make this a petitioned WA. This action was necessary because the selectmen did not add it to the warrant. The title has been changed to “Renewable Energy Incentive”.
  • Energy Audits: The amount requested has been dropped from $5K to $2,500. The Budget Committee did not support this WA (2-5 vote) but the selectmen are supporting it (vote 3-0)
  • Energy Fund: This WA was not supported by the Budget Committee (vote 3-4) and was dropped before the list went to the selectmen.

An information letter on the purposes of the three warrant articles will be submitted to the Courier before Town Meeting on 9 March.

Strategic Plan and Goals for 2016

The existing strategic plan was review and updated for 2016, and will be included as an addendum to the minutes.

School Board/District Items

Greg reported that Al Smith is looking for a good candidate for an internship program. This probably will not happen until the new school year.

Other Business

  • The Town has encumbered $5K for repairs to the boiler at the Fire Department but it is not clear how this money will be spent. Peter has been working with the Town Manager to see if some of the Yeaton Associates heat engineering designs can be implemented immediately. 
  • The Committee will decline the offer from NH Grassroots to host a community visioning session.
  • The Franconia Energy Commission has requested a tour of the new Littleton highway garage, with particular interested expressed about the solar doors.
  • David provided brochures on the upcoming “Solarize Ammonoosuc” – a community-based initiative designed to make residential solar more affordable through group purchasing. The kickoff is set for January 24th and is open to the public, but most applicable to customers of Eversource or NHEC in the greater Ammonoosuc region. He added that the installer will also be talking to Littleton Water & Light about the program. The Ammonoosuc Regional Energy Team is doing the marketing from the program and they are anticipating 25 to 35 installations.
  • Michele mentioned that Christine Frost, North Country Council Executive Director, will be departing for a job with Northern Borders. A replacement should be announced soon.
  • The 2016 Local Energy Solutions Conference will be held on 19 November.

Next meeting: Wednesday, 10 February 2016, 9 AM, at the Community Center

Ron Bolt, Secretary