Dec 9, 2015

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes Dec 9, 2015


Attendees: Mary Boulanger, Arwen Mitton, Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, Bill Gendreau, Dann, and Greg Cook

Administrative Matters:

The minutes of the 11 November 2015 meeting were approved as presented.

Lighting Installation Update

LighTec Inc. completed the installation on 30 November. A situation at the Waste Water Treatment Plant pump house basement was resolved. LighTec left two new vapor tight fixtures and bulbs and Dan Matthews and his WWTP staff will run power from adjacent fixtures and install the new fixtures. No power was alive at the fixtures so the installer would not install the fixtures. The contract scope assumes that circuits are alive and old fixture are operational. Both Matthews and LighTec seemed happy with this arrangement. Ron Lucci removed all trash and unused material. Peter Cooper took metal and cardboard to the Transfer Station.

Randy Dixon, Eversource, conducted a post-installation inspection on 8 December. This is a requirement of the SB123 program and Mr. Dixon inspected the Senior Center and all municipal facilities. There were no problems. Carol Zangla signed off for the Senior Center and Town Manager Andrew Dorsett signed for the town signaling our satisfaction with the work performed.

Possible 2016 Warrant Articles

  • Lighting Retrofit Phase II: We are awaiting confirmation of eligibility from Steve Elliott and an exact cost from LighTec Inc. An update to the hours of usage at the Opera House was provided based on actual use of the Performance Venue. We plan to use the same verbiage from last year.
  • Tax Exemptions: This item has been submitted to and accepted by the Town.
  • Energy Audits: Bill G. has been working with Finance Director Karen Noyes on the exact wording. The general consensus is that we most likely only need a Level 1 audit, which is about half the price of Level 2.

Energy Fund: Ron submitted a draft to the Town, and Karen recommended calling this an Energy Conservation Improvement Fund.

[Note: WA authors should plan on attending the 18 January Town Budget Hearing and be prepared to answer questions.]

School Board/District Items
Greg presented an update on the work of the Facilities Committee (FC):

  • Lakeway – A Site Selection Committee has been formed to review potential sites for a new elementary school. Even though the future availability of state building aid remains uncertain, the FC wants to be prepared ahead of time if and when state aid becomes available. In the meantime, only repairs deemed necessary for operational or safety purposes will be executed at Lakeway.
  • A usage study seeking design ideas was conducted on the Academy (the old Daisy Bronson building). The FC is in the process of prioritizing existing needs, which include the gym floor and bleachers, the roof, and some lighting issues.
  • Coordination in underway with the Parks & Recreation department regarding existing and future needs. P&R have been using facilities at the Academy since operations at the Remich Park “green” building are limited due to safety issues. P&R Commissioners are considering options for replacing this building.
  • LHS/CTC: Normal upkeep is on-going, but the FC noted that long deferred maintenance is becoming a problem.
  • Ron suggested that we seek a LHS intern to work with the ECC as an educational opportunity. There was general agreement that this sounded like a good idea, and Greg suggested Ron contact Al Smith.
  • Other Business
  •  The Littleton Food Co-op installation of an electric vehicle charging station has been postponed until probably the fall/winter of 2016. Ed King will reapply for the state rebate at that time. It was suggested that the Chamber of Commerce be contacting regarding other potential charging station locations.
  •  Peter provided an update on the Yeaton Associates design for a new back-up heating system for the Fire House. Peter has made some suggested improvements and will continue to birddog the issues.
  •  Littleton Water & Light is still looking at replacing streetlights with LED technology and will a presentation to the Commissioners on 21 December. The return on investment is low, mitigation against an aggressive replacement program.
  • Recreation Director Ryan Glass provided updates on several items:
    • The pool area streetlights are hard wired into the Parks electrical box, but are seldom if ever used. 
    • Alternatives for trash removal are being considered. Currently Whitings is providing the service for $150/month, and Ryan estimates it would cost twice that to use the Transfer Station.
    • The flow meter will be replaced next year as a first step in seeing if the pool pump is OK or if the meter if off.
    • He is still looking at the option of a pool liner.
    • The ultra violet system needs to be looked into, but chemicals are pretty efficient at this point.


  • Andrew Dorsett is seeking grant funding from Northern Forest for BTU meters. While there is only a slim chance of success, Ron and Peter are providing ammunition to support the application.
  • Andrew also asked for ECC opinions and ideas about lighting on the short stretch connecting Main Street and Mill Street near the Northern Lights store. Complaints about poor lighting have been registered.

Next meeting: Wednesday, 13 January 2016, 9 AM, at the Community Center

Ron Bolt, Secretary