Nov 3, 2015

Highway Garage Committee Minutes Nov 3, 2015

Littleton Town Garage Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015, 4:30pm
Public Works Department
240 West Main Street
Littleton NH

Present Chris Hebert, Brody Tuite, Jim McMahon and George McNamara


  1. Schedule update. 
    On schedule for a Nov. 13 th completion
  2. Slab Cracks Remedy 
    The committee recommends to accept DHI’s offer to caulk seal all the control joints and to urethane inject the slab cracks as a remedy.
  3. Purposed CO #3 BTU Meter
    The committee voted unanimously to not install the BTU meter as part of the project. DHI has installed isolation valves to allow installation at a later date if desired. 
  4. Building Sign Decision
    The committee decided to move forward with the routed PVC style sign. Foto Factory will provide samples of Littleton Municipal Garage and Littleton Town Garage for a final decision on the wording.
  5. Handrail Color
    Safety Yellow
  6. DHI Owner Needs?
    Mounting location of the pressure washer selected.
  7. Propane Vendor Schedule
    Nov 9th.

Old Business

  1. Air space under the thresholds on the passage doors was discussed. It appears the thresholds are sagging down to the poured slab creating an arched gap under the doors. Not addressed at the meeting. Punch list Item
  2. Building Sign. Foto Factory presented sign options and the committee has given Art Tighe direction for design to be approved.
  3. Drip Cap. Discussion was had about additional drip cap installation at the head areas of doors and windows. DHI agreed after consulting with their building supplier this could and would be done.
  4. Slab Cracks. Discussion on how best to address the slab cracks. DHI has offered to consult with Gosselin Concrete about caulking all slab control joints and grinding out the cracks to the point they also can be sealed with caulking.
  5. Column Base Finish. Greg suggested the concrete base finish at the columns should be smoothed out and sealed.

New Business

  1. Bollard style for the interior were selected


Next Meeting Date
Tuesday November 10rd @ 4:30pm

Respectfully Submitted
George McNamara