Oct 1, 2015

River District Redevelopment Minutes Oct 1, 2015

River District Redevelopment Commission
Thursday October 1, 2015


Commission Members Present: Chad Stearns, Alycia Vosinek, Lauren Anderson, John Hennessey, Ray Cloutier, Jim McMahon, Ron Bolt (Energy Conservation Liaison), Bruce Ralston (Planning Board Liaison)

1. Approve Meeting Minutes (John)
Motion by Chad, Seconded Lauren, Unanimous Approval.

2. Bridge Street Bridge Project Update (John) 5 Minutes
Selectboard approved the low bid for bridge fabrication, all construction and permanent easements were received from property owners. Northern Borders funding grant extension request was approved through Sept. 2016. Next steps are submit wetlands permit application to do abutment work and in January HEB Engineers will post RFP for general contactors for spring construction.

3. 2015 Grant Applications Update (John) 10 Minutes
EDA grant was not awarded to this project. Primary reason was town did not approve bond issue at town meeting, EDA wants to see local funding before putting federal $ in.
Still awaiting word on TIGER grant and CDBG grant. Getting a bond passed in March will be critical to get future federal funding.

4. Upper/Lower Mill St. Name Discussion(John for Andrew) 10 Minutes
John reported that the Town Manager asked the Commission to consider a new name for either upper or lower Mill Street due to 911 services request. Discussion ensued and several concepts emerged including limiting the change to avoid property owner disruption, limiting the amount of names on the roadway from Saranac through Mill Streets and therefore considering Ammonusuc St. for lower Mill, and the other was a suggestion to rename the upper part of Mill to something new like Pollyana. All agreed that property owners impacted should be polled before any decision is made. John agreed to give feedback to the Town Manager.

5. Chamber of Commerce (John) 10 Minutes

  • Request for Bonfire at Pumpkin Festival
    • Ray volunteered to host the bonfire
  • Commission Board Seat
    • Lauren Anderson resigned due to leaving the Chamber and moving out of Littleton. The Commission agreed to make the Commission board seat an Ex-Officio position for the Chamber Executive Director

6. Tannery Open House 10 Minutes
Ray presented plans for an open house at the Tannery Marketplace to showcase economic development opportunities on the lower level that now has a new heating system fueled by pellet boiler. Ray asked the Commission to participate, discussion ensued about what participation would be appropriate. The Commission agreed to host a display and be available to the public to discuss the River District project.

7. Other Business

The next meeting will be Thursday November 5th at 4:30PM at the Tannery Marketplace.