Sep 3, 2015

River District Redevelopment Commission Minutes Sep 3, 2015

River District Redevelopment Commission
Thursday September 3, 2015

Commission Attendees: Dave Ernsberger, Lauren Anderson, John Hennessey, Mary Boulanger, Jim McMahon, Andrew Dorsett, Chad Stearns, Brody Tuite, Alycia Vosinek, Ron Bolt (Energy Conservation Liaison)

Meeting began with John introducing new Town Manager Andrew Dorsett. Introductions all around.

1. Approve Meeting Minutes (John)
Motion by Dave, Seconded by Chad, unanimous approval.

2. Bridge Street Bridge Project Update (John) 15 Minutes
John gave a brief recount of progress up to the last meeting, then updated that the bids for the bridge fabrication had been received and would be presented to the Selectboard by the Town Manager for acceptance of the HEB recommended low bid. Two of the four easements had been received for construction, with the other two in process. Wetlands permit application and general contractor RFP would be issued by HEB Engineers once easements received. An extension on the Northern Borders funding of $250k is being requested through Sept. 2016, granting of the extension is likely.

3. 2015 Grant Applications Update (John) 10 Minutes
Community development block grant site visit is September 11. Notification of the three outstanding grant applications will likely occur in the next couple months.

4. Land Use Committee (Chad) 10 Minutes
Chad and engineer Steve LaFrance of Horizons Engineering met with 7 property owners along Saranac Street corridor to discuss easements that will be needed to improve the roadway. Input was received and the meeting outcome was positive.

5. Special Projects Committee (Dave) 10 Minutes
Dave noted that the parking for the Town’s Senior Center is on private property and that we may want to consider ways to ensure the parking remains for Seniors visiting the senior center. The senior center tree harp park should be installed before this winter.

The next meeting will be Thursday October 1st at 4:30PM at the Tannery Marketplace.