Aug 12, 2015

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes Aug 12, 2015


Attendees: Arwen Mitton, Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, Dann, and Mary Boulanger, plus Littleton Courier Editor Darin Wipperman.

Administrative Matters: The minutes of the 8 July 2015 meeting were approved.

Strategic Energy Action Plan

Ron reported on “outreach” contacts with the towns of Lancaster, Whitefield, and Lisbon. Lancaster does not have an energy committee and will not be forming one anytime soon. There is one town employee conversant with energy topics and he uses volunteers on specific topics as necessary. Whitefield was not in need of any outreach assistance at this time. We are waiting to hear back from Lisbon.

After several meetings and a ton of emails, our involvement with LED streetlights is coming to an end. Tom Considine, LW&L General Manager, will bring up the topic with the Commissioners to determine how aggressively they want to pursue the state’s rebate program (approximately $100/unit). Tom will gather the luminaire information required for eligibility for the rebate program and file an application. This process could take several months.

Several committee members met with the town’s Joint Loss Management Committee on 8/11 to open a discussion about conducting a study geared towards reducing the number of streetlights in town. There appear to be several good reasons to conduct such a study beyond efficiency and cost savings. JLMC Chair Karen Noyes will broach the subject with the new Town Manager and, depending on his direction, set up a meeting with the ECC. In the meantime, Peter will contact Walmart and Shaws about lighting in their parking lots and about any available grant funding.

Peter reported on the status of the initiative to place a solar PV array on the retired landfill. While we await a proposal from PHI Solutions, two potential stumbling blocks have arisen. First, LW&L has a cap on the amount of met-metering they will allow, which is quite low and might very well eliminate the site as profitable for any provider. Second, the cost per kW of solar is probably going to be about twice that which LW&L is currently paying for electricity. Peter will try to schedule a teleconference that would include PHI Solutions and LW&L.

Lighting Task Force

Only one electrical contractor responded to Lightec’s call for bids and the terms of that arrangement are still being worked out. Peter reported that Lightec has ordered the materials in the meantime. Ron will check to see if the re-wiring work at the fire house has been accomplished.
The Town of Littleton signed a Full Faith and Credit Pledge relating to the Senior Center’s acceptance of their lighting upgrade grant. This was required because the town owns the building and the grantor needs a financial assurance from the deed holder.

EMP Task Force

Peter briefly summarized the task force’s visits to Parks & Recreation, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Community Center, and the public library. Visits to the police department and fire department will culminate this first round, with no visit to the highway department needed at this time due to the on-going new building construction. The Task Force plans to make a presentation on findings and recommendations to the Board of Selectmen at their 14 September meeting.

It was agreed to drop the WWTP from our Portfolio Manager database. The WWTP has internal motivation for an energy efficient operation.

After a short discussion, it was agreed that we would continue to database water usage ‘just in case’ we ever need it, even though the usage is not included in any PM energy efficiency calculations.

Other Business

The Board of Selectmen signed a letter drafted by the ECC endorsing the Littleton Food Co-op as a good location for an Electric Vehicle Charging Station. This letter will accompany the Co-op’s application to the DES for a $3,000 rebate.

Peter agreed to try to obtain information on the new DPW garage related to BTU meters, LED lighting, the status of the Yeaton engineering plans, and LEEDs certification.

Peter also agreed to ask Yeaton for a larger, printed version of the design for a new back-up heating system at the fire station – a 2016 funding issue. We would like to insure that the design is compatible with the existing wood-pellet system.

Dann is working with Karen Noyes on potential pellet providers.

The timing of the September meeting will be modified to accommodate participation by a North Country Council representative.

Next meeting: Wednesday, September 2nd 2015, 9 AM, at the Community Center

Ron Bolt, Secretary