May 13, 2015

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes May 13, 2015

Attendees: Arwen Mitton, Mary Boulanger, Dann, Greg Cook, Peter Cooper
Administrative Matters: Minutes of April 8 meeting approved.
Election of Officers: Tabled until next month’s meeting.
Board of Selectmen meeting of April 13: ECC presentation met with support on items discussed. Tax exemption for upgrade to solar, wind or wood should be capped at perhaps $25,000. Repurposing landfill for solar PV array also discussed.
Planning Board meeting of May 5: Master Plan energy chapter discussed. PB pleased to have ECC update chapter and appointed ECC to do so.
Membership in NHSEA? Decided to decline due to high membership fee and intended for businesses.
No wood energy projects to report to NFC.
Senator Kelley Ayote BTU Act of 2015: discussion tabled until next month since no attendees could brief the rest on the issue.
Green Cleanup: Dann and Ron covered two municipal parking lots and Peter covered the wire foot bridge areas.
Grassroots materials prepared for Energy Fair: copying costs will be submitted for reimbursement.

Strategic Energy Action Plan:
Arwen will create first draft of Master Plan Energy chapter update and other members will add.
LED street lights: awaiting report of Henri’s meeting with LW&L manager.
Lighting Retrofit: Peter thought that contract with Lightec was complete or in progress. Fire Chief has requested drawing for better clarity of which fixtures are going where.
Greg reported that School Committee has created a new Facilities Committee. Several issues are more pressing than lighting retrofits and could influence remaining life of facility especially Lakeway School. Near term plans are to move SAU offices and replace Lakeway oil tank and piping.
Sub Committees for review of Public Safety and All Other facilities had no progress to report.
BTU Metering addition to wood pellet hot water supply pipes to fire station and new Public Works garage has been identified by Peter. Presently there is an arbitrary split of pellet cost between the two buildings with no measurement of the consumption by the two buildings. Preference is for two identical meters for each building supply. Revenue grade accuracy is not required. Hopefully this can be engineered by the DPW garage designer or Yeaton Associates.

Next meeting Wednesday June 10, 9 am at the Community Center.
Peter Cooper, acting secretary