Apr 8, 2015

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes Apr 8, 2015


Attendees: Arwen Mitton, Ron Bolt, Dann, Peter Cooper, Mary Boulanger, and Town Manager Fred Moody

Administrative Matters: The minutes of the 11 March 2015 meeting were approved. Arwen will email re-appointment recommendations to the Board of Selectmen. Ron submitted a $1,000 grant application to NEGEF (aka Grassroots) for educational and promotional materials, with approval notifications expected in June. Ron will schedule an Earth Day clean-up of municipal areas once the weather improves.

Local Energy Solutions Conference Recap

Ron and Mary attended the 7th Annual LES Conference on 21 March, with Ron making presentations on two topics: strategic planning, and gas-saving/anti-idling. Ron emailed out his overall observations and, separately, a note on using the RFQ/RFP process for major energy projects. There was a big emphasis on solar this year, with mention being made that as success is proceeding incentives are starting to abate. Some handouts from the conference were distributed to committee members along with two copies of a book on green solutions.

Strategic Energy Action Plan

The Committee decided that we have completed our strategic planning (no further steps will be taken, such as timelines and milestones).

There are currently eight “high” priorities, assigned as follows:

  1. Work With LEWG (Ron) – an article submitted on the lighting project was included in the April LEWG Newsletter
  2. Warrant Article on Property Tax Exemption (Arwen) – discussed at length; appointment to be arranged with the Board of Selectmen
  3. Media (Mary) – prepared educational information about the ECC to be made available to the public at the 11 April Energy Fair – some costs were incurred
  4. LED Streetlights (Henri) – planning to meet with Tom Considine
  5. Upgrade Lighting (Lighting Task Force) – See update below
  6. Energy Management (subcommittees) – Need to set up initial meetings
  7. Electricity Consumption (subcommittees) – Discuss with department heads
  8. Energy Audits (subcommittees) – Discuss with department heads

There was discussion about possibly elevating the priority of solar PV at the landfill. At the conference mention was made of two approaches: (1) one where the Town would own and be responsible for the installation, and (2) a power purchase agreement wherein a company that specializes in this area would own and install the equipment and guarantee the Town a certain profit. The Town would lease the land and the company would also pay property taxes.

Lighting Task Force

Peter and Dann spent a full day on 31 March with LighTec Inc. Project Manager Ron Lucci for what turned out to be a very thorough review of the list of lighting upgrades. Some new fixtures were discovered that, along with a resolution of one item at the Transfer Station, need to be addressed before the list can be finalized. LighTec will present a contract for the Town to sign, and a separate contract for the Senior Center. A. J. Corey and two other electrical companies in Whitefield will be included in the bid process. The Fire Chief wants to see the “cut sheets” which LighTec has said should not be a problem. Once the contract is signed it will take a month for the product to be ordered and about three weeks for installation.

HB 208 which, if passed, would effectively make Littleton ineligible for the PUC rebates, was to be voted on today by the NH Senate. District 1 Senator Jeff Woodburn is opposed to HB 208.

Public Safety Subcommittee

NH Wood Energy Council asked for some feedback on whether or not their study contributed to the passage of the warrant article for a new highway garage. While there is no determine a direct correlation, the study was mentioned in the papers and certainly added confidence to everyone involved in the proposed heating system.

Fred is meeting with Wayne Fillion, Yeaton Associates, next week to go over the three proposals relating to heating the fire station and new garage. Fred has found money in the 2015 budget for the two studies related to current deficiencies at the fire station. Funding for a replacing or retrofitting the back-up oil system will most likely be a 2016 warrant article.

A recent meeting with Dan Hebert Inc. regarding the new garage produced a draft “conditions report” on what the design-build contractor is planning. The first phase will be the basic structure of the building, with a second phase focused on the internal systems. Once the specs for Phase 2 are known, we need to provide that information to Steve Elliott for rebate eligibility determination.

A delivery of 17.32 tons of pellets occurred on 26 February. A new vendor, Lyme Green Heat, was necessary as the previous company could not meet customer demand. The pellets cost $244/ton for a total of $4,226.08. Fred explained that this is still a new industry and the supply chain has been a challenge. A pre-buy option will be looked into for the future. Peter mentioned that there are meters that can be installed to determine the separate loads being used by the two buildings. Depending on cost, this would be a useful tool, particular since the new garage will be 30% larger and alter the previous 65-35 split.

All-Other Subcommittee

Peter has been focused on the lighting project and will now look toward scheduling meetings with the Transfer Station, WWTP, Library, Parks & Recreation, Opera House, and possibly the Senior Center.

The Parks and Recreation Commission will be studying the situation regarding replacing the “green” building at Remich Park. We expect to be asked to participate when they form a building committee.

Both subcommittees have been provided with fuel and kW consumption history for their respective departments. This information along with the “check list” should be provided to the department heads so that they are properly prepared for the visits.

Other Business

Ron and Mary will man an ECC information table at the 11 April Ammonoosuc Regional Energy Team Energy Fair.

Ron will request an appointment with the Planning Board in the near future.

Fred discussed with Dan Hebert Inc. the possibility of some form of biomass heating system for the planned new Tender Corps building at the Industrial Park. DHI stated that there were “design challenges” for what is essentially a large warehouse. DHI is looking into a state-of-the-art vertical air rotation system (NUCOR Building Systems) that would provide both heating and cooling.

Fred mentioned that Verizon has a device (App) that monitors vehicle use primarily for location and safety purposes but that can also check on idling.

Next meeting: Wednesday, April 8th 2015, 9 AM, at the Community Center

Ron Bolt, Secretary