Apr 2, 2015

River District Redevelopment Commission Minutes Apr 2, 2015

River District Redevelopment Commission
Thursday April 2, 2015


Commission Members Present: John Hennessey, Ray Cloutier, Fred Moody, Jim McMahon
Others Present: Brody Tuite, George MacNamara, Ron Bolt, Bruce Ralston, Mary Boulanger, Jere Eames, Brien Ward, Ron Murro

1. Approval of Meeting Minutes 3/5/14 (John)
Ray made a motion to approve, Fred seconded, all voted in favor.

2. Recap Voting Results (John) 5 Minutes
John reviewed the voting results of the 3 warrant articles, two passed, one failed, all received close to a 60% positive vote.

3. 2015 Grant Applications (Fred) 15 Minutes

  • EDA
  • CDBG

The EDA application was submitted and is now in process of being revised to a lower amount due to the bond article not passing town meeting.
CDBG is currently being worked on and will be submitted in July as originally planned. The application requires an income survey to be completed of the project area, and that is being coordinated shortly.

4. Bridge Street Bridge (Fred) 15 Minutes

  • Update on RFP Process
  • VOTE: Authorize Sub-committee to select Firm 

Four proposals were received from engineering firms. Fred discussed them briefly and offered any members the opportunity to review them. He asked that the same sub-committee that reviewed the proposals for last year’s engineering project review these proposals. There was no objection (a vote was not held). Fred noted that he would ultimately be bringing the recommendation to the Selectboard as it is their decision.

5. Land Use Committee (Chad) 10 Minutes
Bruce gave a presentation regarding zoning the district mixed use, a continuation of a presentation made at a previous meeting. The Land Use Committee presented a recommended map of the River District area and proposed organizing the district in three distinct areas as indicated on the map. Discussion followed and no final decisions were made at this time.

6. Special Projects – Info. Kiosks (John for Dave) 10 Minutes
John noted that Dave is working on a project to install information kiosks in the River District and at other areas around town. Dave will follow-up with more information when he returns next month.

The next meeting will be Thursday May 7th at 4:30PM at the Tannery Marketplace.