Mar 11, 2015

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes Mar 11, 2015


Attendees: Arwen Mitton, Ron Bolt, Dann, Henri Wante, Peter Cooper, Mary Boulanger, and Greg Cook

Administrative Matters: The minutes of the 11 February 2015 meeting were approved. Peter volunteered to take over leadership of the “all other” sub-committee.

Strategic Energy Action Plan

Work on the high priorities continued, with the following results:

Topic Assigned Action Time Frame

Energy Management Sub-committees 2015, every 6 months

Tax Exemption Arwen 2016 Warrant Article

Electricity Use Sub-committees 2015

Lighting Upgrades Lighting Task Force Spring 2015

Energy Audits Sub-committees 2015

Streetlights Henri 2015

Media Program Mary 2015 onward

LEWG Coordination Ron 2015 onward

Lighting Task Force

LighTec and Steve Elliot were informed that the warrant article passed with 66% of the vote (635 – 324). We now await information and guidance from Steve regarding availability of funding and the rebate application process. Some slight adjustments may be required to the list of upgrades to insure a full 50% rebate. Our remaining role is one of coordination with LighTec and Steve until the contract is established with the Town.

The Executive Board of the Grafton County Senior Citizen Center has approved moving forward with their application. Our remaining role is one of technical assistance to Director Carole Zangla.

Public Safety Subcommittee

The bond for the construction of a new Public Works garage passed. Steve Elliott was informed of this result as portions of the new building may be eligible for SB 123 rebates. The next step is for the Town and contractor (DHI) to develop the final specs, which we can forward to Steve for his evaluation.

The Town received three proposals from Yeaton Associates, as follows:

  • For mechanical and electrical engineering services for the new garage, including radiant floor heat served from the existing biomass (pellet) boiler plant, along with a new high efficiency LP gas fired boiler plant ($18,750).
  • For a review of the interconnection between the biomass and oil fired plants at the fire house ($5,500).
  • To design a new high efficiency LP gas fired boiler plan and associated storage tanks to replace the existing oil fired plant ($6,500).

We will need to coordinate with Town Manager Fred Moody on item 2 and 3 above.

School District

Greg reported that all school warrant articles passed, including replacing the underground oil storage tanks at the elementary school. Also, the SAU headquarters will be relocated to Maple Street with the School Street building being demolished. The ultimate disposition of Daisy Bronson is still being studied.

Other Business

Ron and Mary will develop an information table for the ECC at the 11 April Ammonoosuc Regional Energy Team Energy Fair.

Ron will develop and agenda for an appointment with the Planning Board.

Next meeting: Wednesday, April 8th 2015, 9 AM, at the Community Center

Ron Bolt, Secretary