Mar 11, 2015

Joint Loss Management Committee Mar 11, 2015

Town of Littleton
Joint Loss Management Committee Meeting
Littleton Fire Department
230 West Main St
Littleton, NH 03561

Wednesday February 18, 2015
1:30 meeting @ the Littleton Fire Station

Present: Lt. Bill Brusseau, Karen Noyes, Bryan Hadlock, Jeanne Dickerman, Captain Chris Tyler, Brian Patnoe and Amy Hatfield
Absent: Chief Paul Smith, Aldis Wright Jr.
We reviewed and accepted the minutes from the last meeting on December 17, 2014.
Karen handed out a list of claims from Primex. We reviewed each claim. The claims in 2013 and 2014 are substantially lower than 2012. The rate is based on 2009-2013 claims. Karen will ask Primex if the “zero “claims are considered in the rate process. We discussed a letter to be submitted to the Select board regarding the book shelf at the transfer station to be removed. Tax Payers leave old musty and moldy books on the shelf, which should be thrown out. If someone has an allergic reaction it is suggested to call the ambulance and then it would be determined if they should be transferred to the hospital or they could drive themselves. A suggestion was made for a check list of symptoms to watch for.
AED’s have been ordered thru last years’ budget. VIPS bought one and Drug Forfeiture purchased the other one. A Training session will have to be set up. We did find out the Bank of New Hampshire has an AED in the lobby. The admin offices will have access to the AED, until one is purchased.
Most of the eye wash stations have been installed for each department. The ones that haven’t will be installed before next meeting.
Karen gave us print outs regarding on-line classes from Primex. She will set up 2-2hour sessions on Work place bullying, blood bourne pathogens and Harassment. All classes will be mandatory. We discussed the work place bullying, if you feel you are in a hostile environment please see your supervisor. The Town does have the employee assistance program.
The work place violence policy has been signed by the Select Board, and will be given out to each employee. The fire arms policy is still being discussed. We discussed guidelines on how to deal with irate customers.
Meeting adjourned at 3:12 pm
Next Meeting will be April 1st at 1:30 at the fire station.
Amy Hatfield, Secretary