Mar 4, 2015

Ammonoosuc River Local Advisory Committee Minutes Mar 4, 2015

Ammonoosuc River Local Advisory Committee (LAC) Meeting Approved Minutes
Haverhill, Bath, Landaff, Lisbon, Littleton, Bethlehem, Carroll
Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Members in Attendance: (Haverhill) Bill Harris; (Bath) Rick Walling; (Landaff) Marilyn Booth; (Lisbon) Steve Jesseman; (Littleton) Charlie Ryan, Chris Hodge, Connie McDade; (Bethlehem) Marilyn Johnson; (Carroll) Joan Karpf

Members Absent: (Landaff) Errol Peters; (Lisbon) Rosalind Page; (Littleton) Jessica Willis

Guests: Ray Lobdell, CWS; Michael Norman, Project Engineer; Greg Eastman, President Littleton Industrial Corporation
Other Guests: Cheryl Jensen, Chair, Bethlehem Conservation Commission; Rita Farrell, Bethlehem Resident

Incoming Permit Applications
AoT Permit Application for Tender Corporation, Littleton
Chairman Ryan opened the meeting at 4:30 p.m. at the Senior Center in Littleton. Ray Lobdell brought Mike Norman and Greg Eastman with him to talk about the Alteration of Terrain Application for Tender Corporation in the context of conceptual plans for 2 future projects in the Littleton Industrial Park. Tender Corporation needs to expand operations and cannot do so on their existing lot in the Industrial Park. The present project, located within 1/4 mile of the Ammonoosuc River, would involve putting together 3 adjoining lots on the Industrial Park Road to create the new location for the Tender Corporation facility. A total of 9990 square feet of wetland (palustrine forested wetland and intermittent, cobble, stormwater drainage way) would be impacted. Water that currently flows from culvert under the Industrial Park Road driveway into the wetland will be diverted to a new driveway with grass swale and stone waterway. This change will bring an improvement to the drainage system. Some stormwater will continue to enter the Ammonoosuc River, via a stream where it now enters, however less sediment will be carried to the river. The existing storage building on the lot will be removed. There are areas on the lot(s) that have previously been disturbed for gravel excavation and/or by fill material going in from construction of FedEx directly across the road. One of the lots, described as forested, has “wetlands complex/uplands below.” Lot lines will need to be adjusted. LAC members were told there’s no mitigation required for the Tender Corporation project. Conceptual plans were then presented for the other 2 future projects, Genfoot and Appalachia Stitching. Genfoot proposed location behind Coin Company would require mitigation easement inside the Industrial Park or outside the Park to compensate for access road, going across quite a bit of wetland. There’s no other way to get there. North Country Investment Corporation wants to purchase milling machines for training purpose. Appalachia Stitching location would need (Ref. Lots 12/6) acres to be taken out of easement along the narrow strip of land between RR track and the river, which is flood plain. Proposed easement area (Ref. lots 46/44), a short distance to the north of the present easement, would be used as LIDC mitigation. Rick inquired what land qualities does the proposed site have that would make an easement exchange of greater value than the existing land protection. Good question. Mapping provided shows a greater distance of land would be adjacent to the river with the proposed easement area. Littleton Selectmen will be asked to approve the reversal of this existing easement in the Industrial Park. The Master Plan map showed the ultimate goal of easement(s) being created along the entire strip of land adjacent to river. Ray Lobdell is asking LAC for a letter of support. Charlie called the question whether members were ready to vote on providing a letter of support. Members indicated with this being their first opportunity to see the application, they need more time to go over the application further. It will be discussed at the April meeting.

North Country Environmental Services Alteration of Terrain Permit Application, Stage V Landfill Expansion, Bethlehem
Cheryl Jensen talked about review of the NCES AoT application. She called attention to first sentence in paragraph 3 on page 3 of the application, “The majority of stormwater flow leaving the site flows to the north and northwest and infiltrates to groundwater or eventually discharges into the Ammonoosuc River.” Discussion followed. Members expressed concern that it would become a catastrophic regional problem, if leachate from the landfill contaminated the ground water and dangerous chemicals leaked into the Ammonoosuc River. Chris made a motion to cover the following: Members of the committee take exception to the first sentence in paragraph 3 on page 3: “The majority of stormwater flow leaving the site flows to the north and northwest and infiltrates to groundwater or eventually discharges into the Ammonoosuc River.” LAC feels that stormwater infiltration and additional discharge will enter the sub surface aquifer. Additionally, LAC questions what financial and other mechanisms are in place in the event of a failure of the proposed design. Please note LAC’s previous comments to the original AOT permit application for Stage V Landfill Expansion were provided to the NHDES on May 14, 2014.” Joan seconded the motion. Passed. LAC comments will be sent to the DES before deadline on March 30th. Cheryl said the Bethlehem Conservation Commission is giving consideration to hiring the Town Engineering Firm to review AoT Application. She asked if LAC’s budget is such that we could consider contributing to this cost. Chairman Ryan replied that we did not receive funding that could support, giving a donation. Rita Farrell talked about increased pressure being exerted on the landfill liner, as height of a landfill rises. She brought posters that showed landslides take place when pressure gradient reaches max and/or when reduced resistance to movement has occurred perhaps due to shifting of the materials within the landfill.

Proposed Project in Lisbon: Construction of Asphalt Plant near intersection of Routes 302/117
Steve reported on the ZBA Hearing held in Lisbon on February 25. He spoke at the meeting, as LAC Lisbon Representative, on behalf of the Ammonoosuc River LAC. Steve handed in a written statement, which he read to us. Steve also talked about how uncertainties about the project would affect his KOA business. He read his second letter submitted to the ZBA to us. By all accounts, the asphalt business is not expected to be a big operation. Steve said the project would be located at the far corner of the Presby parcel away from the river. Drainage from the site does not appear to be a threat to the Salmon Hole Brook fishery or to the river. Connie said NH Fish & Game, Fisheries Biologist John Magee and Director of Ammonoosuc Chapter Trout Unlimited Art Greene have been notified about the project. They’ll be keeping an eye on the project ahead. Chris announced Trout Unlimited was recently awarded the Embrace a Stream Grant for $10,000.

Unknown: Status of Douglas Ingerson’s Drag Strip Project in Dalton/Bethlehem

Culvert Survey Workshop
Rick inquired if anyone is interested in attending this culvert program. Many members indicated they would like to attend.

Review and Approval of February Minutes
Connie corrected Arthur Arnold’s NHDES Shoreland Application File Number/Riverside Drive project, Littleton to read #2015-0058. His application for permit has been approved with conditions. Chris made the motion to accept the minutes as corrected, seconded by Joan. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report (Postponed until April LAC Meeting)

New Business
Election of Officers was postponed until LAC Meeting in April. Rick shared his decision not to have his name put up for Vice Chairman, when elections take place. He will continue on as a member for the next two years.

Rick made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Chris. Passed. Meeting adjourned 7:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Connie McDade

Next Meeting Takes Place on Wednesday, April 1st