Feb 4, 2015

Ammonoosuc River Local Advisory Committee Minutes Feb 4, 2015

Ammonoosuc River Local Advisory Committee (LAC) Meeting Approved Minutes
Haverhill, Bath, Landaff, Lisbon, Littleton, Bethlehem, Carroll
Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Members in Attendance: (Haverhill) Bill Harris; (Bath) Rick Walling; (Landaff) Marilyn Booth; (Lisbon) Rosalind Page; (Littleton) Charlie Ryan, Connie McDade; (Bethlehem) Marilyn Johnson; (Carroll) Joan Karpf
Members Absent: (Landaff) Errol Peters; (Lisbon) Steve Jesseman; (Littleton) Jessica Willis, Chris Hodge

Review and Approval of Minutes
Chairman Ryan opened the meeting at 4:35 p.m. at the Senior Center in Littleton. Marilyn J. made motion to approve the December minutes as written, seconded by Joan. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report
Chairman Ryan went over the Treasurer’s Report, prepared by Jessica. The ending balance in December was $1,221.16 with closing balance on 2/4/15 of $1,153.35. Expenses paid included: Chairman’s conference call phone bill/$47.81 and $120 was contributed for annual use of Senior Center. Town dues $50 was received from Littleton and Bethlehem; sum of $100 was deposited in the account. Motion was made by Joan and seconded by Bill that the Treasurer’s Report be received, as presented. Passed.


1. Announcements and Letters

  • Grafton County Senior Citizen Council sent letter to LAC, requesting a donation. LAC gave donation to Littleton Area Senior Center in December.
  • New England Association for Environmental Biologists (NEAEB) & NH Water and Watershed Conference hosted by NHDES will take place on March 18-20 at Attitash Grand Summit Hotel and Resort.
    Registration: http://www.epa.gov/region1/neaeb2015/registration.html
    Full conference registration cost is $75; one-day fee is $45. Rick made the motion, seconded by Marilyn J. for reimbursement of LAC member registration fee up to $50. Passed. Need to notify Charlie, if plan to attend.
  • Saving Special Places 2015 Land Conservation Conference takes place April 11 from 8:30 AM to 3:45PM at John Stark Regional H.S., Weare, NH.
  • Charlie announced Legislative Hearing for Ham Branch HB 272 has been rescheduled. Rick suggested LAC send an over night letter by e-mail to Secretary of the Committee with copies to Representatives Rebecca Brown and Sue Ford, showing our support for the designation of the Ham Branch. Charlie will send expedited e-mail letter.

2. Incoming Applications

  • NHDES File #2015-0058 Shoreland Application from Horizons Engineering (Arthur Arnold Owner) for construction of building for Fastenal on Riverside Drive, Littleton. Members discussed the project and recommended wordage that LAC encourages the maintenance of existing buffer during construction. Close monitoring of sedimentary controls should be done until the site is stabilized. LAC Chairman would like to receive copy of any inspection reports. Charlie will send letter to DES and Horizons Engineering.

Old Business

1. Use of phone conference during LAC Meetings for member who cannot attend
Rick advised current guidelines are that anyone can attend electronically by phone and can vote, however their participation cannot be used to meet the quorum. Speakerphone is required to hear both sides of the conversation. The absent member would need to notify the chairman in advance of the meeting for exchange of phone number information. Members approved of this course of action.

2. Northern Pass
Connie reported “The 2012 merger of Northeast Utilities and NStar takes a new turn on Feb. 6, when the two utility companies and all their subsidiaries, including Public Service of New Hampshire, begin operating under the name of Eversource Energy.”

New Business
1. Town Issues

  • Carroll

Joan said replacement piping was placed under Route 302 for the antique water system. The remainder of the work planned for this spring needs to cross the Ammonoosuc River. If the pipe can be drilled under the river, permit will not be needed.

  • Bethlehem

Marilyn J. inquired about regulations applicable for Baker Brook Pond; a development plan has been submitted for the Baker Brook Property, which is located on both sides of Route 302. Rick said size of pond determines if pond would be subject to regulations. He will provide members with link to NH ponds protected under DES Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act.

  • Littleton

Charlie reported the relocation of lines along the Ammonoosuc River in Littleton ran into some problems; work to be completed after ice out.

2. Volunteer Hours for Biennial Report
Connie asked members to provide her with their outside meeting time volunteer hours on a regular monthly basis, either by e-mail or at the monthly meeting.

3. Management Plan Project
Concern was expressed that funding is not currently available to do most projects. Connie said a worthwhile project to consider would be to map the tributaries that flow into the Ammonoosuc River. Marilyn J. suggested surveying invasive plants along the river. Plan to discuss options at upcoming meeting.

4. Voting for Officers (March Meeting)

Marilyn J. made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Rick. Passed. Adjourned at 6:20 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Connie McDade

Next Meeting Takes Place on Wednesday, March 4th