Jan 14, 2015

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes Jan 14, 2015


Attendees: Arwen Mitton, Ron Bolt, Dann, Henri Wante, Bill LaTulip, Peter Cooper, and David Van Houten

Administrative Matters: The minutes of the 11 December 2014 meeting were approved.

Lighting Task Force

Henri explained the rationale for a generic lighting improvement warrant article, and stressed that safety, operational effectiveness, quality of light, and cost savings were the driving forces. Additional information on the SB 123 program will be sought at a meeting on 23 January with Steve Elliott (PSNH/PUC) and Meghan Hoye (Ligh Tec). We need to find out about selection of items from the survey and purchasing by lighting type v. by building. Also of interest is the selection of a local contractor to do the installations, and additional details about payback. The Task Force will meet again and come up with recommendations as soon as possible. SB 123 is a first-come, first-serve program so we need to be prepared to apply immediately after Town Meeting.

The article will be introduced by the Town Manager at the 19 January Budget Hearing and presented at the 3 February Deliberative Session by Peter. The fire house will be a top priority for 2015 as well the Waste Water Treatment Plan. Ron will draft a letter to the editor relating to the merits of this warrant article. There was an article about the program in the Courier today.

Public Safety Subcommittee

The NH Wood Energy Council report on the proposed new garage was received and a follow-up meeting with “Coach” Rick Handley is scheduled for 15 January. The report indicated that the current wood pellet system was capable of handling both the fire house and the new garage, but not the police station. A larger buffer tank will be needed and back-up/supplemental heating will be required. Henri pointed out that this is based on the premise that the wood pellet system is working properly. Mark Froling has indicated that he will attend the meeting on the 15th and Ron will ask him to bring some specific documents about the system. Bill and Joe Mercieri have been working on the system’s performance during the current cold snap. Joe also remains concerned about the jump in electrical usage, and speculates this could relate mostly to the modines (which recently received and overdue cleaning).

The PW Garage Construction Committee gave a brief update to the selectmen on 12 January and is scheduled to meet tonight. Peter had a question about a recent idea of positioning the new garage to make use of the existing slab. This would not be a good idea if the slab is the same slab envisioned for radiant heat, as such a system requires a lot of insulation. Ron mentioned that this project is eligible for SB 123 energy efficiency rebates. This topic will be brought up at the meeting with Steve Elliott on the 23rd. Channel 2 is currently airing a video on the rationale for a new garage. Ron will draft up a letter to the editor pointing out the energy efficiency aspects of the proposed building.

All-other Subcommittee

Apparently the thermostat at the Opera House has not been replaced yet. Also, Commissioner George Mitchell reported that some hallway heaters are not connected. George also indicated the OH Commission is seeking funding for the performance venue from a local theatrical group.

There is a warrant article to create a capital reserve fund for the purposes of replacing the “green” building at Remich Park. The ECC should be represented once Parks & Recreation for a building construction committee. Littleton Water & Light has been requested to provide kW and cost figures for all P&R electric meters.

The Littleton food Coop is planning to expand and has formed a Sustainable Energy Subcommittee. David is a member of this subcommittee, but we may want to offer additional support. There is a public meeting scheduled on the expansion tonight.

Both the Littleton Community Center and Senior Center have been told that the ECC will not champion any funding requests resulting from the lighting survey.

Strategic Planning

Work was completed on the overall priorities, specifically the Educate & Encourage and Regional Cooperation categories. Ron will update and distribute the overall priorities list. Responsibilities and Action Planning will be scheduled for the February meeting.

Energy Management Report

This report has been posted to the ECC’s portion of the town’s website. Also posted is our mission statement, membership, a fact sheet on the wood pellet system, and the town’s energy policy.

Energy Management Plan

Fred Moody will broach to the department heads our idea of periodic visits by ECC members and inform us as to their reception of the offer. We do know that the Local Energy Working Group is quite interested in this novel approach. Ron is working on a visit checklist.

Other Business

We will plan to make appointments with both the Planning Board and Littleton Water & Light Commission. A fair amount of prep work will be required.

David is looking for the ECC to be a presence at the 11 April all-day Energy Fare being put on by the Ammonoosuc Regional Energy Team at Profile High School. The subject was tabled until our next meeting. It will require some effort and time, but is a good opportunity to inform the public about our activities and to network at a regional and beyond levels.

The 7th Annual Local Energy Solutions Conference is scheduled for 21 March in Concord. These are great opportunities to network, learn from the experiences of others, and get up to speed on the latest that vendors have to offer. From their website:

“Co-hosted by the New Hampshire Local Energy Work Group and the NH Sustainable Energy Association, the annual LES Conference provides critical resources, information, and guidance for individuals, local governments, school districts, and leaders across the state seeking to implement an energy reduction project in their communities. The conference provides an ideal forum to meet and learn from other Granite Staters who have successfully implemented an energy project to hear best practices, learn about new technologies, identify financing options, and much, much more!”

David gave a short briefing on the purpose of “Solarize NH”, but felt that Littleton was not a good candidate for this program. This is from the internet:

“SunRay Solar is proud to offer the Solarize New Hampshire initiative to communities and individuals across New Hampshire. Solarize New Hampshire increases solar energy awareness, builds community relations and helps owners overcome solar market barriers that may otherwise exist.”

Next meeting: Wednesday, February 11th 2015, 9 AM, at the Community Center

Ron Bolt, Secretary

Mission Statement: “Consistent with the town’s energy policy, the purpose of the Littleton Energy Conservation Committee is to promote energy conservation and efficiency practices, with a local and regional focus, by educating the private sector and advising the public sector in the areas of cost reductions and sustainable, renewable energy sources”