Jan 8, 2015

River District Redevelopment Commission Minutes Jan 8, 2015

River District Redevelopment Commission
Thursday January 8, 2015


Members Present: John Hennessey, Geoff Sewake, Chad Stearns, Ray Cloutier, Jim McMahon, Milt Bratz (for Marghie Seymour), Fred Moody, Lauren Anderson, Ron Bolt (Energy Commission Liason)

1. Approval of Meeting Minutes 12/4/14 (John)
Chad made motion to approve, second by Milt, all voted in favor
Added an agenda item for Steve LaFrance of Horizons Engineering to update on the progress of the engineering project his firm is completing for the Town. Steve gave an overview and stated that minus a few final open items the project is substantially completed and Fred has the plan documents.

2. Discussion of Potential Warrant Articles (Fred/John) 20 Minutes

John gave an overview of a proposal to ask the Selectboard to support a $500k bond warrant article to fund the overall $7.5M River District Redevelopment project. This bond would be an important step for the Commission and Town to apply for and potentially acquire substantial grant funding in 2015. The $500k would show a commitment from the Town and be used as matching funds for the grants. Primary use is to construct below and above-ground infrastructure within town-owned right of way.

Chad made a motion to bring the proposal to the Selectboard at its next meeting, Milt seconded, all voted in favor.

Fred updated that he continues to work on executing the 2014 warrant article funding authorizing negotiations of rights of way. He is currently working with the attorney of the Baznar property on Bridge St. as well as the two other identified properties at the Saranac/Meadow intersection.

Fred and the Selectboard are proposing a $40k warrant article to further negotiate necessary rights of way with those two other properties at the Saranac/Meadow intersection. Fred and Horizons gave an update on current plans and progress for those two properties.

3. Land Use/River Sub-Committee (Stacey/Chad) 10 Minutes

Chad noted that the committee met this past Monday and discussed various items, nothing to bring to the Commission at this time. Stacey is stepping away from the committee due to other commitments, and Chad is stepping in as Chair.

4. Other Business (Fred) 15 Minutes
Fred gave an overview of the Bridge St. multimodal bridge phase of the river district project. He noted that the $250k received as a Northern Borders grant is specifically required to be used for design/engineering/construction of the bridge and must be used by September 2015. Fred would like to commence design on the bridge as soon as possible. This would require asking LIDC to amend its CDFA tax credit application to allow the net $400k of funds from CDFA to be used specifically for this bridge project. Fred showed and discussed potential design options for the bridge.

Chad made a motion to ask LIDC to make the amendment so that the CDFA funds can be used for the multimodal bridge, Ray seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

The next meeting will be Thursday February 5th at 4:30PM at the Tannery Marketplace.