Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Mar 23, 2015

Approved Minutes Mar 23, 2015

MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2015
5:00 PM

Present: Town Manager Fred Moody, Chairman Milton T. Bratz, Selectman G. Michael Gilman, V. Chairman Marghie Seymour attending by telephone conference from New Mexico on personal business, Executive Secretary Ceil Stubbings, Finance Director Karen Noyes

Others Present: Rachel Doriski (Channel 2), Darin Wipperman (The Courier), Greg Eastman, Stan Fillion, Eddy Moore, Dann, Rudy Gelsi, Katherine Doriski, Bruce Hadlock, Chief Paul Smith (Littleton PD), Robert Blechl (The Caledonian), Brien Ward, Joe Kenney, Gerald Winn (Town Moderator), Chief Joe Mercieri (Littleton FD)

Bratz called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance

Greg Eastman & Stan Fillion – Hitchner Task Force
Greg Eastman said that with Hitchner closing they have one hundred thirty five employees that they are worried about. Hitchner has said they will continue their operation for eighteen months. That gives them some time to work on this. The employees and the use of the building are a concern. Various members of the community have come together to from this task force and to inform the board of what they are doing. Stan Fillion has agreed to be the chairman of the task force. Stan Fillion then took over to provide more details on the task force. Fillion explained they set up three committees as follows:
Employee Support Committee:
To provide support and opportunities to the employees that plan to stay in the local area through private, public, local, regional, state and other resources.
Committee Members: Chad Stearns – Committee Chair, Kate, Kathy Howard, Mike Claflin, Mike Gilman
Facility Revitalization Committee:
To evaluate and find alternative uses for the property that provides local employment and identify and assist in the transition to new owners/users of the facility.
Committee Members: Ed Hennessey, Bob Copenhaver, Andy Smith, Dave Ernsberger, Tom Considine, Jon Freeman, Stan Fillion
Government Relations Committee:
To identify sources and secure assistance in transitioning the property to alternative uses as identified by the Hitchner Facility Revitalization Committee.
Committee Members: Greg Eastman – Committee Chair, Greg Allaire, Hitchner Representative, Fred Moody, Beno Lamontagne, Joe Kenney. Ex-Officio Members: Jeff Woodburn, Brad Bailey, Erin Hennessey and Linda Massimilla.
Seymour said she was heading home on April 13th. She would like to volunteer to serve on any committee that she would be most helpful on. Gilman moved they endorse and support the Hitchner Renaissance Task Force. Seymour seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0. Brien Ward wanted the selectmen and the Town to know that in 1909 the Town voted to convey thirteen acres known as Redington Meadows to build an entity called the Littleton Realty Corporation. Ward said a five story facility was built in 1910 which was used for a long time as a shoe factory. In 1933 Greg Eastman’s grandfather Rudolph Holly purchased the property. The Holly family ran the plant until 1950. Hitchner then took over around 1980. Ward said that Hitchner has been in the building longer than anyone else. Ward said that shows why we should appreciate what they have done for us over the period that they have been here. Joe Kenney stated that the state is here to support Littleton through its various departments. Kenney said he had been contacted by a company in the last couple of days out of Charlestown, Vermont that is upset that their electric rates have gone up by fifty percent. They were paying about two million dollars a month and now they are up to three. They employ about a thousand people. They are considering moving out of that location. Kenney encouraged them by telling them Littleton has a much lower electricity rate.

Citizen’s Concerns: None

Town Manager’s Report:
Warrant Article 3 & 11 Recount Results
Moody we had a recount Article 3 the River District Bond and for Article 3 the Fire Department Capital Reserve Fund. Both lost by narrow margins. The recount took place Saturday morning at 9:00 AM. Gerald Winn the moderator was present for the recount. Both articles lost by three ballots. The count for the River District Article was 581 in favor and 392 opposed. The vote did not meet the sixty percent requirement which would have required 584 votes. The Article lost by 59.7%. Article 11 also lost by four votes.

General Town Meeting Results
Moody then reviewed the Town meeting results. Moody said that five of the warrant articles did not pass including the two he just mentioned regarding the recount. The others that failed were the staffing position at the police department, the staffing position at the library and the five member board of selectmen petitioned warrant article. Since Town Meeting a number of activities have happened. There was a short meeting with the contractor for the highway garage. The idea was to separate the building ordering from the internal mechanical design. The building can be ordered in a short time and then we have more time to spend to get all the mechanical design work done. His will help the building will be in place before snow flies this fall. The committee that worked diligently to get this article passed, is interested in continuing to assist with any questions and review. Moody said it his recommendation that the committee continue to meet while the buildings progress moved forward. He also would like the Energy Conservation Commission review the mechanical design plan is in place. The engineering for the Dells Dam contract has been signed. They are now refining the flow rates and meeting with the state and asking for their approval for the reduction of the capacity of the dam. It was two and a half times the one hundred year flood. We think that with some modifications the state will allow us to meet the one hundred year flood requirements. The initial inquiries into the new DPW truck is that the 2015 models have already been sold out so we will most likely be purchasing a 2016 model. They have had some interest in the Church Street retaining wall with a couple of engineers contacting us regarding the work. The Energy Conservation Committee is in contact as well as the Town with the public service group and their contractor about moving forward with the replacement lighting. Moody went on to say the Town was not successful on the bidding of the River District land shortly before Town Meeting. Several businessmen stepped in and purchased the property. Town Meeting authorized additional funding so we are now in the process of assuming that property from the business people who purchased it. We hope to be closing on the Basner property in the next sixty days. The plan is to publicly advertise for removal of the manufactured home on the property.

Multi-Model Bridge RFP Process
Moody said the town received a $250,000 Northern Borders Grant for a new bridge. The LIDC received a Finance Authority award of $400,000. That was for a match for the entire TIGER Project. The TIGER Grant was not approved so we went back and asked for an amendment to the CDFA Tax Credit Grant. That puts us in good shape by providing $650,000 for the multi-model bridge. Prior to Town Meeting he had sent out a Request for Proposals. The deadline was March 18th. We received four proposals. One from the Dufresne Group from Saint Johnsbury, one from Horizons Engineering in Littleton, one from DuBois & King in Laconia and one from HEB in North Conway. Moody’s intent is to distribute the proposals to the River District Commission in the hopes they will appoint a sub-committee to review the proposals and select an engineer. There will be a public hearing on the bridge alternatives most likely at one of the commissions meetings generally held the first Thursday of the month.

Old Business:
Bratz then changed the order of the agenda and move to old business regarding Bruce Hadlock’s request to change the reassessment to every ten years. Hadlock said the amount of money saved would be astronomical. Bratz said he would contact the representatives and invite them to a meeting to discuss this. Moody said he had asked the assessors and they said it would require a constitutional change. They thought that it might be more than just a simple legislative action. Bratz said they would discuss this further at a future meeting.

New Business:
2015 Board Organization
Moody asked for a nomination for the chairman. Bratz made the motion to appoint Seymour as chairman. Seymour said she would accept the nomination with the condition that whoever is the vice chairman can take over for the next four weeks. Gilman seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0. Seymour moved to make Gilman the vice chairman. Bratz seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0.

Brien Ward said that Moody forgot to mention that the Town gave the Trustees of the Community House $30,000 to continue the re-wiring of the building. There are temporary lights hanging in the room waiting for the new lights to be installed. Bruce Hadlock said they should have set the donation up as a rental agreement. Moody said the donation was no different than the other social service agency petitioned warrant articles. Brien Ward said the warrant articles are reviewed by Town counsel.

Purchase Policy
Moody said the goal tonight is to introduce the updated purchase policy and to ask the board to act on it in April. Noyes said the purchase policy was last reviewed in 1998. Noyes then noted the updated information and the changes she made to the current policy. Seymour asked if there is any consideration given regarding energy conservation. Moody said it is in the Energy Policy but there should be a mention of that in this purchase policy.

Other Business: None

Bratz announced the board would go into a nonpublic session, but that he would have to recuse himself from the nonpublic session. Gilman made the motion to go into nonpublic session per: RSA 91-A:3, II(e) Consideration or negotiation of pending claims or litigation which has been threatened in writing or filed against this board or any subdivision thereof, or against any member thereof because of his or her membership therein, until the claim or litigation has been fully adjudicated or otherwise settled
Seymour seconded the motion. The board entered the nonpublic session at 5:54 PM. The board came out of the nonpublic session at 6:17 PM. Gilman noted the minutes were sealed indefinitely. Gilman made the motion to adjourn. Seymour seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 6:17 PM.