Planning & Zoning Board Notices & Minutes

Apr 5, 2016

Approved Planning Board Minutes Apr 5, 2016

6:30 P.M.

PRESENT: Chairman Charlie Ryan, Vice Chair Linda MacNeil, Jim Daly, Tony J. Ilacqua, Colin Trahan, Milton Bratz, and Joanna Ray (recording secretary)

EXCUSED: Val Poulsen, Mary Menzies, and Bruce Ralston

OTHERS: Gardner Kellogg, Scott Farquharson, and Grace Bigelow

Chairman Ryan called the meeting to order and designated Colin Trahan as a voting member for the meeting.

Review March 15, 2016 minutes
Vice Chair MacNeil made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Milton Bratz second the motion. The motion passed by all.

Louise Tabbut, Owner / Gardner Kellogg, Agent – PB16-03 – Request for a 2-lot subdivision at 524 Cottage Street, tax map 95-12, in the R-I & R-II zones. The fees were paid, the hearing was noticed, and accepted as complete.

Gardner Kellogg presented. The plan is a simple 2-lot subdivision. Both of the parcels comply with the current zoning regulations regarding lot size. Ms. Tabbut tried to sell the entire lot, but was unsuccessful. She has a buyer for the house on one acre. Grace Bigelow asked for clarification and was satisfied with the answer.

The Board did not have any comments or questions. The public input was closed. Tony J. Ilacqua stated the proposal looked straight forward. No one disagreed. Jim Daly made a motion to approve PB16-03 as presented. The applicant must comply with all Federal, State, and Local regulations. Milton Bratz second the motion. The motion passed by all.

The Board will meet on May 3, 2016 to continue discussing the approval period section of the Subdivision Regulations.

At 6:50 PM, Tony J. Ilacqua made a motion to adjourn. Jim Daly second the motion.

Submitted by,
Joanna Ray