Jun 8, 2016

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes Jun 8, 2016


Attendees: Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, Bill Gendreau, and John Lofgren

Guests: Jamie Myers and Melissa Elander from J. Myers Builders, Inc.

Administrative Matters:

The minutes of the 11 May 2016 meeting were approved.

Both Mary Boulanger and Greg Cook have resigned from the committee, though Greg is willing to appear quarterly with updates from the School District. Ron will ask that the Town advertise for three vacancies.

Peter Cooper agreed to serve as Chairman, and the position of vice chairman will remain vacant for now.

Energy Audits

Jamie and Melissa previewed a power point presentation on the results of the energy audits conducted in March on the Fire Station and Opera House. A version of this briefing will be presented to the Board of Selectmen on 13 June. Guidance on the approach to remedial actions will be sought from the selectmen. Subsequently, meetings will be held with the Fire Chief and OH Commissioners to get their input on prioritization. Additional research on the Fire Station snow load capacity is necessary.

Lighting Retrofits

The Phase II installations are anticipated to start around of the end of June.

Fire Station Heating

Yeaton Associates have been authorized to proceed with the RFP preparation.

Other Business

  • Questions from PHI regarding NH Solar Garden solar PV proposal have been forwarded to Littleton Water & Light. PHI wants to know if LW&L would be interested in direct purchase, and what would be the installation cost of construction about 1,500 feet of line and the recurring fee of using LW&L lines.

Next meeting: Wednesday, 13 July 2016, 9 AM, at the Community Center

Ron Bolt, Secretary