May 5, 2016

River District Minutes May 5, 2016

River District Redevelopment Commission
Thursday May 5, 2016

Commission Attendees: John Hennessey, Mollie White, Andrew Dorsett, Milton Bratz, Jim McMahon, Brody Tuite, Chad Stearns, Mary Boulanger, Ron Bolt (Energy Conservation Liaison)

1. Grant Applications Submitted 5 Minutes

  • EDA 

John updated that these two major grants were submitted. NCIC and Cathy Conway were thanked for coordinating the EDA grant with the Town, and North Country Council and Kevin McKinnon were thanked for coordinating the TIGER grant with the Town. Also our Governor, Senators, Representative, Councilor Kenney, and Town Representatives were thanked for their roles in supporting the grant efforts.

Upcoming grants to plan for now include the Transportation Alternatives program, Northern Borders Regional Commission, and a NH Trails Grant. A group from the Town of Littleton also met with the Tillotson Fund recently to explore future partnership opportunities.

2. Bridge Project Update 10 Minutes
Andrew updated that the low bidder had been selected and the Town is awaiting one final approval from CDFA to make the award and announcement.

3. Land Use Planning 20 Minutes
Chad reviewed the land use committee’s progress to date toward its stated objectives and noted the group met recently. Chad asked Ron Bolt, Land Use Committee Member, to update on the meeting. Ron recommended forming a task force to research and recommend the community’s desired development plan for the River District. Ron further discussed his previous proposal to bring mixed use zoning to the district. He proposed that the development plan be determined first, then the Commission could determine whether any zoning changes were desirable to meet the objectives, which would then be discussed with the Selectboard and Planning Board if there were any recommendations from the Commission. Chad raised a question regarding exploring zoning while grant applications were pending, John and Milt noted it was not prudent while the current applications were pending.

It was noted that the land is owned by a large number of individual private owners who will determine the use of their own property, and that should be considered with the plan and possibly to research other communities that have successfully revitalized within a similar private ownership environment.

Mollie made a motion to form the task force and Dave seconded. All voted in favor. John asked Dave Ernsberger to coordinate the task force due to Dave’s previous extensive study on land use when he studied the potential increased tax revenue that could be realized by the Town. Ron agreed with that and agreed to participate on the task force. Dave and Ron will meet and discuss other members and expertise needed, as well as how to involve the community and property owners and report back to the Commission.

4. Discuss Next Meeting Date 5 Minutes

Next meeting date will be Thursday June 23rd at 4:30PM at the Tannery. There will be no regularly scheduled meetings the first Thursday of June
or July as a result.