Town Manager

Littleton has functioned as a Board of Selectmen/Town Manager form of government since 1976.

The Town Manager is appointed by a majority of the Board of Selectmen to function as the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the Town, responsible for the proper administration of all the departments of town government. The Town Manager serves at the pleasure of the Board of Selectmen.

The Town Manager carries out policy decisions of the Board of Selectmen, and oversees all property, real and personal, owned by the Town.

The Manager keeps the Board of Selectmen informed of the Town's needs and ongoing conditions, and make reports as may be required by law, or requested by the Board, or judged necessary by the Manager.

The Town Manager takes part in all discussions which come before the Board of Selectmen, but acts in a nonvoting advisory capacity.

As Chief Executive for the Town, the Town Manager is the responsible supervisor for all department heads, and acts to appoint, suspend, remove, or discipline all municipal employees in the administrative service of the Town.

On an annual basis, the Town Manager provides to the Board of Selectmen an Operating Budget, a Budget Statement. These documents outline the immediate and longer range financial and project plans for the Town.

Administrative Secretary

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